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A person’s brain recognizes a human skull instantly and is drawn to this skeletal remainder of a person just as they would be drawn to a living, breathing human being. The skull is the base on which the human face resides, the unseen support structure beneath every frown and smile. It is ever-present in living human beings but it is often unconsidered, giving images of human skulls a mysterious, curious air.The tattoo artist has used yellow and blue lighting in this artistic skull tattoo. This gives the skull a life-like air, creating the impression that a human skeleton is stepping out from behind a wall of roses. When combined with a broken or bleeding heart, a skull tattoo can symbolize the end of a relationship or the death of a loved one.This unsettling skull tattoo combines skeletal remains with living human eyes to create the impression that the tattoo owner is being watched from beyond the grave. The Death’s Head is a skull without the lower jaw, sometimes displayed with two crossed bones.
This symbol was often etched into rings or even tattooed into the skin as a sign of moral looseness. These are often called sugar skulls (cavaleras), as the decorations are edible, decorated with icing sugar and sweets.

Sugar skulls have become a popular tattoo design, combining death and beauty for a deeply symbolic tattoo. Decorated skull tattoos can also symbolize an acceptance of death as a part of the cycle of life. In some cultures, such as modern biker culture, skull tattoos are believed to have a preventative effect, protecting the wearer from the Reaper. Bandannas are often worn by bikers, so this tattoo could be in memory of a biker friend, who now lives on in the tattoo as a protective force. This design is most famed for appearing on pirate flags (known as the Jolly Roger) and on poison bottles or containers of hazardous substances.A skull and crossbones tattoo that depicts the skull as straining against the restraints of the bones that it is attached to.
The skull and crossbones signified that the pirates weren’t bound by laws and were willing to kill if necessary. Sometimes the pirate flag would include an hourglass or sport other variations of the skull and cross bones theme, such as displaying a skull above two crossed swords. The skull is a symbol of mortality and death, while the hourglass symbolizes the passage of time.

Feathery wings such as these are often associated with the angels of Christianty, giving this tattoo yet another level of meaning; that it is only in death that one can ascend to heaven. The goddess Coatlicue was portrayed with a necklace of human hearts and human hands with a human skull as a pendant. Skulls were also used in motifs on clothing and pottery and skull masks were carved out of jade and obsidian.
The Aztecs recognized that one cannot worship the deities of death and rebirth without celebrating the brief flame of life that exists as part of the cycle.This skull tattoo is based on cultural aspects of ancient Aztec life.
A single star tattoo can be added to over time to create a scattering of stars across the skin, similar to the Milky Way.

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