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The traditional Rose and Skull design combination evokes the extremes of death, mortality, loss with life and love, The contrast between the two designs is striking and thought provoking. Our Skull and Rose temporary tattoo looks just like a real tattoo and will draw envious stares!
Skull and roses is a new tattoo to our range, if your asking the meaning of this tattoo we would define it as a touch of beauty death and beyond, make up your own minds, if your attracted to it then this tattoo already has a meaning in your mind. It doesn’t have to be a deep and meaningful thought, we think its a great piece of art designed by our illustrator Emily Wallis and similar to the Ed Hardy designs. We are sure you will get lots of comments about this striking tattoo where ever you decide to wear it! Looking back at its history, we find out that stars were tattooed by sailors on their arms because their way back home was guided by them. The Tribal designs are in fact the original way tattoos used to be drawn, with specific shapes and patterns. Once you decide to get a tattoo, the tattoo image maybe the most difficult part for you to choose.
Skull tattoos have a wide variety of symbolic meanings, depending on how the skull is used. There are skull tattoos that are meant to be frightening, ones that are drawn to be as realistic as possible and some that are drawn in pink with hearts for eye sockets. Skull images are, first and foremost, associated with death, and we are a society that prefers not to confront death until we absolutely have to!
Death head images have been a motif used in a lot of classic art, denoting the fact that time passes and we all die. Custom skull tattoos have become so popular that the art behind them has evolved significantly. The Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos) is a celebration in Mexico in which the skull (calavera) plays an important role. Sugar skull tattoos are popular with women because of the original blend of skull and color, dead and life.

Some people pick a sugar skull tattoo as an in loving memory tattoo, to honor someone dear who has died. The grim reaper has been used a lot in medieval art to remind us of the fact that life is not infinite and that there is an afterlife. There are many who choose a Southwest-style bull skull tattoo to represent their own style and the area that they love.
Allen Iverson: NBA player, has got a skull with military helmet and the word SOLDIER underneath. Nick Cave: has a winged skull and bones design on his right shoulder with the name of his ex Anita underneath.
Inspired from these patterns, thousands of new designs have evolved, loved by most tattoo fans.
They are often people who were under poverty, in the low class of the society and make a living by entertaining people.
The skull is such a universal symbol that it can be adapted to literally any meaning, from religious to political to simply an artistic design with aesthetic merit. Think of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations – complete with decorative sugar skeletons and skull cookies! A skull tattoo can be a reminder to live life to its fullest because it will ultimately end. After all, another reason why the skull image is so popular is that its dramatic lines lend themselves well to art. Extremely elaborate scenes involving many skulls are possible, as are painstaking details that bring the skull to life. On the Day of the Dead (November 2), family and friends gather to remember dear ones who have died. Like the Day of the Dead itself, the tattoos can be both a symbol of mourning a life that is over as well as a celebration of that life and of everything that life has to offer. They usually features the skull and prominently displayed horns, sometimes combined with Native American symbols like feathers.

Confederate skull tattoos may use the skull and crossbones in other ways as well, such as a skull that is covered in the Confederate flag’s stars and bars.
Although tribal tattoo were far more complex at their origins, the variety of simple designs offered in our days makes them much more accessible and easy to apply. Clowns traditionally poke fun at human faults and imperfections while invoking laughter or tears, which is the symbol of a clumsy person with exaggerated makeup and actions and bring smile to the faces of those around them.
They usually wore distinctive and strange clothing to draw people’s attention on the streets.
It signifies that when you are dead, your flesh disintegrates and all that's left is the memory of you and you become an angel. Tattoo a medieval jester on your body with either an head or a full clown body can all be good choice for you. The design can be combined with devilish overtones, such as a scepter shaped like a pitch fork, a red nose that is pointy instead of round and small horns protruding from underneath the clown’s hat. You should pay special attention to the tattoo inks when choosing the clown, since a colorful one will be more attractive. He wanted to have something not too demonic, so he put a halo over it to turn the skull into something positive. You can get some inspiration from the internet and design the tattoo by yourself as what you want. While if you are not so satisfied with the devil one, try a clown face that has a skull head, featuring deep, sunken or even blacked-out eyes and a wicked grin compete with pointy teeth.

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