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Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world carrying great symbolic value which makes it a highly searched for subject for flower tattoos.
Tattoos is a piece of arts which we can beautify our body with many different designs and colors but mostly girls loves rose tattoo and a rose tattoo could be inked on different parts of the body. The gorgeous flowers, coming in a number of shades, can be found in tribal tattoos, gothic tattoos, Celtic tattoos and even religious tattoos. Although, most floral tattoos are considered to be feminine in nature, rose tattoos are quite popular among men as well as women.
The meaning conveyed by these tattoos varies depending on the color of the rose featured in them.

That’s why we are collected today beautiful, unique and amazing rose tattoo design for our reader. But lately, men have started looking for meaningful flower tattoos, requiring tattoo artists to design attractive masculine flower tattoos. A red rose, the most common color featured in the tattoos, stand for love, passion and respect, while the pink rose symbolizes elegance, gentleness and grace. The white rose represents purity, innocence and youth while the blue rose stands for a desire to achieve the impossible. Celtic rose, tribal rose and skull-rose shoulder tattoos are very popular among men while women generally go for pretty and colorful rose shoulder tattoos.

Rose tattoos can carry negative meaning as well with the black rose symbolizing darkness and death. Tribal rose tattoos and Celtic rose tattoos are very popular among men while women love to flaunt cute and colorful rose tattoos often combined with other flowers and butterflies.

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