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I’m very happy and proud to have finally managed to add Meehow Kotarski for Tattoo Art Project! Meehow does mainly black and gray realistic tattoos, and he has a completely magical ability to capture the light and the details in his tattoos.
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There are many tattoo artists around the world who are good technically, and that makes very nice portrait tattoos.

The first B&g portrait  Meehow won best of Sunday and best of show at tattoo tea party 2012 with! Many of these tattoo artists manages with the deed to be innovative and groundbreaking at the same time they create an incomparable sense of classical art, almsot like oil paintings.
He is one of those incredible talents from the East that fall within the scope of what I said earlier, and his relatively short career as a professional tattoo artist will ensure a future that is downright staggering.
I’ll be honest and say that six months ago so I knew not who Meehow Kotarski was, but when I noticed his tattoos on Facebook,  I was totally blown away!

His quality in realistic tattooing seem to have no limits and he is as ferocious in black and gray, as in color!

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