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For the most part, Levi Hilton grew up in North Louisiana, where in grade school he’d draw amongst other things, Dragon Ball Z characters. Even a stint in a Christian Screamo band wasn’t enough to show him that tattooing was the way to go. In an attempt to teach himself more, Levi started getting tattooed from people he looked up to. Tattooing has given Levi a sense of peace and belonging and a drive to bust out the best ink he can.
He had a lucky run of getting tattooed by people who were kind and helped him out; including Craig Driscoll who Levi feels opened his eyes about art and tattoos. Putting in close to 30,000 miles in his car driving from Louisiana to Pennsylvania, to San Diego, to Kansas… and tons of places in between. It’s not uncommon at all and there are way more amazing and well deserving tattooers out there who have the same problem.

When I started tattooing, I set out trying to do neo-traditional tattoos, but after seeing a Tony Ciavarro tattoo, I changed my mind. As Levi puts it, his interest in art and tattooing hadn’t progressed past anime influenced art.
But it was during this time that Levi did a few guest spots at Incognito Tattoo in Greencastle, PA, and towards the end of his travels, he got a call with an offer of a permanent chair at the studio.
I was like, ‘this is MY shit!’ I started pursuing the New school style and looking at artists like Jime Litwalk, Gunnar, Scott Olive, Craig Driscoll and Adam Hathorn. No different than being left-handed and working out of a station made for a right-handed tattooer.
That lasted about three years but after some time passed, I kept hearing, “oh, it’s like Jime Litwalk” or “this is like that Tony Ciavarro tattoo”.
2012 will probably be one of the most important years of my life; big changes, meeting tons of amazing artists and moving 1,100 miles from my home.

I just wanted to do darker and creepier with my tattoos than what bright and bubbly new school could give me. The only time I try to bring it up is when I’m around people I look up to, so that they can talk to me about their colour theory and how they approach tattooing.
You do start to perceive things in the way you’d sketch them out, making reality a pretty amazing place, once you learn how to read it.

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