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The fairer sex, being the beautiful of the two, is believed to choose beautiful designs only which is followed by them to a large extent but if you scratch the surface you can find out an awesome variety of girls with tattoos having wonderful displays. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Word Tattoos For Girls, Butterfly Tattoos On Foot, Hip Tattoos For Girls and Cute Tattoos For Women.
The girl, wearing a cool and colorful t-shirt has got a small, black and white heart-shaped tattoo on her wrist. This forearm tattoo having flying birds and lettering expresses the desire of the estranged girl to be with her lover forever. The environmental activist girl has got a thoughtful tattoo on her thigh to promote eco-friendly philosophy. The girl has got a juicy strawberry with line from the Beatles song in the form of tattoo to express her liking. This girl can easily scare others with her real looking green spider tattoo, sitting on her shoulder-blade.
Representing the five elements and the moon goddess, this tattoo is an expression of the fascination the girl has for night sky.
This girl with a bald head and tribal tattoo art on it and arm makes for a super catchy portrait. The girl has worn a holy, green clover leaf tattoo above her hip that looks beautiful on the fair skin.
This girl loves the cool video game and has got a tattoo on her nape to express her passion. Black and white tattoo piece with a skull and roses around it that looks a little distorted but overall fine. Colorful and bright, the tattoos with butterflies and roses impart a bright charm to the girl’s feet.

A beautiful tattoo pattern created on the back with angular and curvy lines that has a sober appeal. The spiritual Chinese symbol, on the back of the neck, makes for a simple and meaningful tattoo piece. The black and white seashell, sitting on the thigh of the girl, makes for an elegant tattoo design. The Harry Potter tattoos are a sought-after design with the people, adults and children, alike. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Johnny Depp Tattoos, Carmelo Anthony Tattoos, Chris Brown Tattoos and Spider Web Tattoos. The girl and boy show their similar Harry Potter tattoos carved on their forearm and upper back. The weird platform number etched behind the ear in bold font makes for a catchy tattoo piece. A simple and small tattoo, etched on the calf has a secretive aura that attracts and intrigues. This tattoo created in naughty font and inspired from Harry Potter, carved on the arm, has a badass look. The emblem of Harry’s school is really classic and makes for a majestic tattoo portrait. This boy believes in the strength and virtues of united action and has got a cool tattoo on his arm to express the same. This symbol is also quite popular and does not inflict much pain on the wearer during the tattooing procedure. This lovely tattoo with the lightning bolt forming the L has been carved as a mark of friendship.

The charming, round glasses of Harry along with the lightning bolt makes for a brilliant tattoo piece.
The adorable dobby with his weird but cute look is a delight to the eyes and makes for a cute Harry Potter tattoo. The snitch is a very popular tattoo design taken from Harry Potter as it has an aesthetic charm. They love to wear tattoos of different sizes and shapes with different themes on their different body parts. Harry Potter, the creation of JK Rowling not only broke all records on popularity charts but also impacted the tattoo artists’ business (in a positive manner). People were so much enamored with the book and the movies based on it that they were going berserk after Harry Potter tattoos.
Here, we have presented a collection of 35 images of girls with tattoos to show you the pretty picturesque displays. They were making beeline at entrance of tattoo parlors to get their favorite hero’s tattoo and the passion is still alive even though the intensity has calmed down.
So, to appease the fans, we have brought for them a post with 40 Harry Potter tattoos displaying wonderful tattoo designs.

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