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The snake is arguably one of the most symbolic creatures that exist in the Japanese history.
Through the ages snakes have become a symbol of the human races greatest hopes and most perilous fears.
Reptiles often find their way onto the skin because part of their symbolism is centered on change, much like the different forms they take on throughout their lives, shedding skin, re-growing tails and even metamorphosis. They meaning can vary slightly from each religious tradition, but essentially it had become widely accepted that the Lotus flower represents the awakening to the meaning of life. The modernism of the lotus has simplified its symbolic meaning and has as a result represents life in general. The lotus flower grows from dirt and mud into an astonishingly beautiful object, so symbolically speaking, that things or people can grow to be beautiful or better is also an accepted meaning of the lotus flower.
The severed head tattoo is used to represent many things, respect for an enemy, a warning, courage or just an image presenting fear in a person’s life.
The image however is usually very visual and brutal, but this isn’t only meant as a shock factor, but also as an element to the circle of life. In ancient tradition the taking of a head was done with respect for the person and that person’s cause, but was very often used to show others the punishment if they are not living a righteous life.
Japanese have very deep philosophy about life and they have used one beautiful way of depicting how life rally should be, like cherry blossoms.  In its beauty it defines that life is meant to be beautiful.
Any Asian would easily connect to this flower for Lotus has been one of the most loved and artistically respected flowers. This one doesn’t need a formal introduction or a general meaning as a Samurai is a Samurai.
Japanese waterwaves are very popular as the element water in itself is a deeply metaphorical one.
Skulls were seen as negative tattoo for they are associated with death, danger or evil eye.

According to the tattoo master Kazuo Ogre, a good tattoo is not just a picture, it is more than the parts of tattoo put together.
It is widely believed that they have supernatural abilities such as providing protection against illness or disasters.
The popular message behind this tattoo is to show a willingness to accept your fate with honor. They have a sacred place in Japanese tradition and are believed to be protective, strong and courageous.
It had a reputation of being an omen of the evil but if seen deeply, skulls have gotten the attribute of being an ambassador for change.
Hannaya masks are the ones which originate from the Kabuki plays and are one of the oldest traditions of Japan.
The Fu-dogs are said to ward off evil eyes and hence are one of the most loved Japanese designs for tattoos.
It symbolizes life and the circle of if going from the muddy water to the gorgeous blossom.
A rich culture is sure to have different meanings attached to every symbol and tattoos are a fascinating way to glimpse into a country’s past. Tattoos go way back in time when people would commit to that one design which would define a sacred aspect of their life.
In East, Dragons are more about knowledge, power and a benevolent outlook for the people in need. They are bright colored fishes which have found their way in many traditional artifacts of Japan.
Many a times flower is seen together with water in the tattoo like a stormy sea image of with a fish. The west may not be all that crazy about the Samuraui but Japan loves its warriors and te Japanese tattoos symbolizes commitment, service, decipline, strength, courage, power, nobility and command over ones own life and senses Japanese Designs are known to be very colourful with artistically doen robes and lovely depiction of the fighter.

Water is again popular for many other elements of the Japanese culture and the meanings can be many. Each of it has a whole different meaning attached to it and that is what makes it one of the most loved forms of Japanese tattoo. The addition here is that the Japanese tiger is believed to ward off evil eyes, keep the diseases at bay and is a lucky charm. It has connotation of dearth but is understood to be a symbol of respect for the forefathers and an acceptance of the ultimate realty of life. There are hundreds of characters each of which have different meanings and give you a change to be as creative as you and your tattoo artist can get. Japanese dragon tattoos are imaginative and every color shows a different aspect of the dragons and by extension your personality. The tale says that koi fishes would swim upstream the yellow river till the point called the dragon gate. A country with rich heritage will surely have a fascinating collection of tattoos associated with her.
Japanese are known to be obsessed about cats and hence any a tie s cats make into the list of top tattoo designs. It is a demonic masks (like ogres, trolls etc.) and is protective representative of the spirit world ensuring that evil and unjust actions are punished.
Another tale follows similar lines and says that the fishes swim to heaven and after all the hurdles, the fishes make it to heaven where they are rewarded and turned to dragons.  This tattoo shows bravery strength, desire, ambition and determination.

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