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For all you animal lovers out there, here's a tattoo that you could use to show your true love and appreciation for your beloved animal. From the tons of tattoo designs available, you have finally made up your mind and decided to get a paw tattoo inked to honor your beloved animal. If you want to get a tattoo in one of the least painful places, then the shoulder is just the perfect place. If someone just wants a simple paw tattoo inked, then a wrist tattoo is a good choice for it. Tattoos on the thigh are the best option for people who want to hide the tattoo whenever they want. Many women get hip tattoos with paw designs interwoven into other designs or opt for a colorful heart inside the paw. Cats have been popular as pets for hundreds of years, making it no surprise that cat tattoos are a popular way to show that love for feline friends.
Cats in History: You may choose to emphasise the role of cats in history as part of your tattoo. If you want to make a statement, then a large panther or lion tattoo is a great way to go about it.
Paw print tattoos inked in the bear paw print can be seen in a many different tribal art styles. Paw Print Tattoos with a lion paw print are popular with athletes because of their meaning of heart and courage and the lion’s good looks. Paw print Tattoos in the design of a cat’s paw print are the most common seen on both men and women. If I were to get one of these panther tattoos, I would want mine to be as unique as possible while still looking like a very cool panther, because you certainly don’t want to lose that part of it. Because of their characteristics in the animal kingdom, they have become associated with superior courage, strength, and fighting ability in the tattoo world.
I think guys see a panther certainly as a beast of power and in some ways try to emulate that by getting a panther tattoo put on themselves. Go through this article to check out the various paw print designs and understand their true meanings. Often, wrist and palm tattoos are conversation starters, and the best thing about these tattoos is that both men and women can sport them, without risking a too masculine or feminine look. Many women choose them as just a small paw on the ankle or a trail of paws forming an anklet, which looks elegant and fashionable. However, getting a traditional version of a cat as a tattoo is just one option, and there are many other ways that cat tattoos can represent a special part of you.
Cats were hugely important to the ancient Egyptians, and hieroglyphics can make for unique designs. Panthers themselves are elegant as well as powerful, and many men choose these designs as a way of representing their inner power. They are often depicted against stunning natural backdrops, and are also used as a way of covering up previous tattoo designs.
They can offer mysterious options in their design patterns and keep the viewer guessing the meaning.

This tattoo design allows for you have your pet’s name under the paw print, or even in the paw print. They fm soft edges to very sharp edges; try adding a tribal turtle in to the design that will add the meaning of longevity as well as strength to this tattoo.
Adding colors is a personal choice that you will have to make, but with your tattoo artist’s help and looking through the galleries should help with your color ideas. Memorials, Bear and Lion paw prints may be a mid to large size on the upper back, chest, arm, stomach or leg. They range from a full body tattoo to just the head of the panther and then a few others in between. It’s sort of the whole point of getting something like a panther to begin with, to put on ones body. It’s a ferocious crawling panther design that was once the staple of the tattoo world. It is ironic that the crawling form, such as in this example, may have been adapted from a 1934 children’s book on mythology by old time Milwaukee tattoo artist Amund Dietzel.
It looks as if this panther is perched up on his arm, with his head arched back as if to say, come no closer or else, and even though it is just at tattoo, it gets the point across very well. And thus a symbol of life itself, but again I doubt that many people around the world who get a panther tattoo put a while lot of stock into those meanings. Most seasoned tattoo getters know that, when they decide to get themselves inked, they don't necessarily need to stick to one design, as they have the option to experiment with a number of tattoo designs. Rib cage tattoos are a rage among young girls these days, and a paw design near the chest and neck area, not only has a titillating appeal but is also simple and discrete. Tiger tattoos are popular among men, especially intricate paw designs, which signify masculinity. Wing tattoo designs can also be incorporated along with the paw print, as these are usually worn as a remembrance to a recently deceased pet.
Although many hardcore animal lovers consider paw tattoos on the hip as offensive, many people still go in for it. Men prefer getting large-sized paw tattoos done, with the name of the pet or a famous quote inked around the print.
Give the design a lot of thought before finalizing it, as tattoo removal processes are very costly and extremely painful. When considering paw print tattoos designs there are no defined rules or guidelines you have to follow, so if this style of tattoo is for the fun of it then have fun with it.
The cat paw print is small and can have one or two prints alone or have a pattern traveling all over the body. An idea here is for a dog; the paw print has five pieces to it, the picture of the dogs face looking at you will be broke in to five pieces in the same shape of the paw print. Paw print tattoos with a cat’s paw print look great when inked in single or multiple prints designs. Cat and for the love of paw print tattoos look the best in small design patterns running up the leg around the stomach over shoulders and down the back.
Some are of the classic panther image while others are slanted toward a different style of tattoo and still some others where the artist took a bit more of an artistic license with.

The panther is a complex animal and a member of two different families, the puma and the leopard.
In the superstitious and mystical world it is believed that panthers have sweet breath that can be smelled by other animals and humans from far away. The most primary concern of the person getting inked, apart from the design, should be what it means, since tattoo designs have hidden second meanings.
When it comes to chest tattoos, men often prefer paw tattoo with faces, which make them look fierce and fabulous. Always get your tattoo done from a professional studio and from an experienced tattoo artist.
Paw print tattoos can be simple in design with one or two paw prints or very complex with twenty or more.
They say that s panther tattoo is popular among men because the panther is a symbol of leadership, strength and power.
Several years down the line you would want the tattoo(s) to look as appealing and attractive as it were initially and not stretched out. Like most tattoo designs, paw tattoos can be inked anywhere on the body, depending on how visible you want it to be and the pain factor (yes, there are some areas that hurt a lot!). Paw print tattoos are often seen as memorials to honor the loss of your pet.  Here are a few general paw print meanings that are out there.
One of the most famous and powerful tattoos of the twentieth century is a crawling panther. The panther is a member of either the leopard or puma families and is a predatory animal found throughout the Near East and in parts of North Africa. And now after a few years of stagnation the panther tattoo has made a comeback in the world of tattooing. A good tattoo artist should be able to suggest the best for you depending upon your skin texture and age.
Follow a tattoo expert's directions when it comes to taking care of the newly marked tattoo. So if you’re looking to get one of these panther tattoos, or any other, make sure you find the right type of artist first. They are known for their savage cunning and in China the black panther is considered especially dangerous. So, if you have an interest in this magical design now is a good time to incorporate it into your personal body ink collection. In the end, no matter what design you choose or where you decide to place it, always follow the basic care steps to ensure that your tattoo looks fabulous always.

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