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Tree tattoos have been a preferred theme for many body art enthusiasts who look for designs that are 'deeply-rooted'. In many cultures, a palm tree is known as the 'Tree of Life', especially the ancient or Judean date palm tree, a species that had become extinct in A.D. This tattoo design gets an absolute feminine touch when a tropical flower is added along with the palm tree, hibiscus being a preferred choice. The in-depth meaning of palm tree tattoos make them an apt choice for many who associate with this tropical tree in some way or the other. The connotation of this phrase originates from Christianity, where a palm branch is considered to be the symbol of triumph and resurrection from the spiritual enemy.
In this design, you see the sun (a symbol of life), a sea monster that swallows the palm tree (representing death), and a phoenix (a classic representation of resurrection and victory over death).
We think that this kind of tattoo is ideal for those who celebrate their life, love the tropical-ness of it, and reflect the same in their demeanor. When you choose your design, ensure that the placement of the tattoo justifies the design itself.

This Buzzle article gives you 9 amazing palm tree tattoo designs and also explains the significance of getting this tattoo inked on yourself. The occasion of Palm Sunday is celebrated in this regard, symbolizing Jesus' victorious entry into Jerusalem.
For example, if the design consists of a single palm tree, it could represent loneliness, on the other hand, two of these trees together can symbolize unification. Although inking a single palm tree generally signifies loneliness, it could also mean self-completion.
If you are someone who aspires for freedom, creativity, and loves spending time in nature's lap, if a palm tree's shade is what gives you peace, then this design is what you need. In short, they love the palm tree and view life while being under its "shade" all the time! The following section will give you a glimpse of 9 great tattoo designs of this meaningful tree, and also explain the symbolic associations of the same. Even when it comes to the size of the tattoo design, you can choose it to be a miniature tattoo covering the tip of your finger, to a full-scale tattoo covering your entire back.

Yes, in the alchemical traditions, this tree is symbolic of androgyny because it has both male and female attributes.
Though holidays can't last for eternity, a scenic depiction of the 'Island life' can be incorporated in such picturesque designs, palm trees being an indispensable part of the design, for sure.
This theme would also work great for a sleeve tattoo, especially if you plan to infuse other elements in the tattoo design.
Approach an expert tattoo artist so that you can make the best of the concept and design, and that the final outcome clearly portrays your reason behind inking it.

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