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If you decide to get a flower tattoo, you’re probably going to want to take pictures to email to your friends.
The lotus flower tattoo is a favorite for both guys and gals – it has Eastern spiritual connotations, and makes for a colorful, beautiful work of body art. Or add a word or two of meaning - love, peace - to add a little something extra to your design.
For a truly stunning idea - choose a sunflower design for great impact and beautiful colors.
There are dozens more different flowers, so create your own unusual tattoo, for real style and pzazz ! Egyptian meaning of the lotus flower- to the Egyptian the lotus flower symbolizes the sun, creation and rebirth.

Buddhism  meaning of the lotus flower – to the Buddhist the lotus flower symbolizes clarity of speech. My reasoning in this Tattoo Flower Lotus design is green as the green Chakra is the heart so symbolizing love. Feel Free to download and use this as a tattoo for yourself but send me a copy of the finished flower tattoo if you can would be nice. Think again – flowers can be used in all kinds of ways to create tattoo designs that are interesting and visually appealing.
Whether you want a small ankle tattoo or a full back piece, your tattoo artist can help you choose a design that is right for you!
It can also easy be integrated into other designs – if you want to blend flowers with a Buddhist or Asian design, the lotus flower is a great way to go!

We are always updating our site with new fresh designs so make sure to check back as often as you can and see whats new! And since they’re often quite colorful, flower tattoos are also a great way to stand out in a crowd!
Also, go outside if possible – natural lighting will help make the colors of your tattoo pop!

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