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The tribal style of tattoos comes from the older tribes such as the Celtics ( Ireland , Scotland , & Wales ), Maori Tribe (indigenous people of New Zealand ), The Haida Tribe (indigenous people along the west coast of North America ), the Marquesan (Polynesian inhabitants of the Marquises Islands ) and the tribes of Borneo .
The Maori tribes migrated from Eastern Polynesia around 800 to 1300 AD and were the first settlers in New Zealand . The ex-professional boxer, Mike Tyson’s facial tattoo was influenced by a combination of the Maori and Borneo Tribal tattoos. Pamela Anderson of Bay Watch fame, has a few tattoos, including a Tribal design on her lower back. The vivid pattern of the Tribal tattoo expresses personal freedom and uniqueness of the wearer.

Native Americans also used tattoos to denote rank, wealth, tribe affiliation, family, role in society and deeds of bravery.
Tribal tattoos have a simple appeal that reinforces a positive feeling about ourselves and connects us to ancient mystery of the tribal rituals, which faded away with history. Many of the ancient tattoo patterns have given away to swirls, spikes, knots, and totems that come from the imagination of the creator rather than any of the ancient tribes. But I digress; the endless knots inside and out of the outlines identify the Tribal tattoos of the Celtics.
The Tribal tattoos of the Haida resembled pictures of the Indian astrology, thunderbirds, beavers, bears, and fish.

The traditional Maori tribal tattoos are known as ta moko, and consisted of bold spiral designs covering the face.

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