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Another recurring line of questioning in future military personnel is the issue of tattoos. According to somewhat recent changes in Army regulations, tattoo policy is slightly more relaxed than the Navy’s policy although both were previously identical. Unlike the Army’s progressively relaxing policies, Marine tattoo policy only appears to be getting more restrictive. As a part of Air Force uniform regulation, airmen are expected to adhere to the military’s strictest tattoo policies, which require members of the Air Force to pay for tattoo removal out-of-pocket, at a location other than DoD facilities. JOIN OUR NEWSLETTERJoin our newsletter received by other visitors who are preparing for their military career!BJtM hates spam. Quite a few of the pictures show Marines who have tattoos all down their arms.    Judging by the Marine Corps. I looked through those pictures without even bothering to read what this photo’s tattoo says. Any tattoos you can’t cover with a t-shirt are going to be a career limiting move in just about any industry.

Yea and one thing that is pretty ironic, is that getting a tattoo removed if you ever decide you don’t want it, is many times more expensive then what you actually paid for it in the first place. The Marine Corps is an elite branch, their image is that of fierce, ravaged Marines(not soldiers) and i think tattoos only strengthen that image. Eyebrow tattoos in place of natural eyebrows are acceptable, provided that they are naturally colored and not purple, pink, etc and otherwise draw unnecessary attention to the future recruit. I realize that for most of these guys, the Marine Corps is a way of life, and that’s reflected in their tattoos.
I’m just amazed sometimes at the things that people get permanently tattooed on themselves in a conspicuous place.
And alot of the tattoos that the Marines have are in respect or in memory of other Marines who have died.
In addition, as it applies to the content of the artwork, military regulation on tattoos is also in place to minimize the establishment of unnecessary divisions or senseless conflict between service members. During this time, you will be looked over by a military doctor, who will assess if your artwork violates any of the military tattoo policy.

And while a commander can’t order a soldier to have a tattoo removed, chances are good your chain of command would recommend it.
I think someone who thinks getting a WWE tattoo in a visible place (or even hidden for that matter) has demonstrated a substandard decision-making ability, and might not fare well in the adult world without the structure and opportunity to mature that the army will provide! If a tattoo can’t be covered up by standard uniform items, then it is considered excessive and the candidate is ineligible unless a waiver is procured. In short, tattoos on the head, face, neck, and sleeved arms are considered against tattoo policy. For many, this waiver is generally not hard to get, especially if you are demonstrating persistence and giving the military ample reason to believe you’d be a quality recruit.

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