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The history behind the Mexican eagle that so many choose to tattoo on their bodies is tied up intimately with the very history of Mexico City itself.
Unlike other Mexican Aztec tattoos, because the Mexican eagle is actually on the flag most people know what it looks like and expect it to look a certain way. If you are not too keen on the idea of using the eagle from the Mexican flag for your tattoo, but still like the thought of having an eagle tattoo, you can opt for the old Aztec eagle tattoo. Here are gang tattoos that most people would recognize as affiliation with a certain gang membership, such as the Aryan Brotherhood’s tattoos. Another reason for the hidden meanings behind the tattoos is because criminals can show how tough they are to other prisoners without the obvious designs. One of the most recognizable tattoos is the eight-point star, often placed on the chest and on the knees.
The Mexican Mafia (also known as Le EME) was formed in 1957 by Chicano gang members at Deuel Vocational Institution. One former Mexican Mafia leader, Rene Enriquez, came out and revealed some of the secrets of the gang.
The eme has has other tattoos repping the eme but the newer brothers are becoming tatooless meaning they are no longer walking billboards. This Mexican Mafia tattoo uses an eagle and snake, which is evocative of the central element on the Mexican flag, although not an exact match. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos, Indian Tattoos, Chinese Tattoos and Arabic Tattoos. Huge and colorful roses come together with a skull motif in this classical Mexican tattoo that celebrates life and death. The skull man with a typical Mexican style hat on his head comes to life in this dark shaded Mexican tattoo. Bright orange is the color of the lively skull in this richly detailed Mexico death theme tattoo.
An eagle eats a snake below a huge Mexico script design in this intricately shaded back tattoo.
The Day of the Dead sugar skulls come to life in green with flower decorations in this colorful tattoo. This shaded design is inspired by ancient Mexican architecture with its graceful decorative motifs and strong lines.
Styled with strong flowing lines in black ink this elaborate chest tattoo of a skull with wings is inspired by Mexican death theme designs. The typical Mexican motifs of colorful flowers and leaves come together with a pistol in this dramatic tattoo.
Rich red and yellow shaded roses form an elaborate border for the Mexican skull in this tattoo design. This skull and roses Mexican tattoo is inked in artistic shades for a rich and detailed look.
The Virgin Mary fuses with a skull design in this remarkable Mexican life and death theme tattoo design. Colorful flowers, the Cross, and a skull come together in this vividly detailed Mexican tattoo design. This really cool piece of body art inspired by Mexican jewelry motifs curves across the chest forming an artistic neckpiece. A rich shade of purple marks this colorful Mexican skull theme tattoo design with plenty of roses and other flowers thrown in for decoration.

This intricate tattoo design on the upper arm showcases an Inca warrior in the full glory of his costume.
Take a look at the decorative motifs studding the gun handle in this Mexican gangster tattoo design. Styled in neat lines and flowing patterns this beautiful forearm tattoo shows a mermaid inked in black. Mysterious blue shades the face of the dead girl in this powerful death theme Mexican tattoo design. The love of all things Mexican shines in this tattoo that celebrates the architecture, patterns, and symbols of the nation in a grand back design. The rich colors of Mexico come to life through elaborate tattoos decorating the body of a beautiful woman.
Check out this gorgeous colorful tattoo design that shows a Mexican country girl’s face in profile.
This tattoo celebrates the Mexican flag through the colorful design that shows an eagle wrestling with a serpent. The upper arm is an ideal place for this graceful single colored tattoo design showing a figure in prayer. A dragon inked in rich single colored shades makes for a great Mexico theme sleeve arm tattoo design.
This tattoo design of an angel with praying hands looks really cute a little below the ear on the side of the neck. According to tradition the Aztecs were told to wander the lands until they saw an eagle with a snake in it’s mouth on top of a cactus plant. Therefore there isn’t that much variance you could give to your tattoo to give it uniqueness, unless you’re willing to get creative.
This tattoo is taken from the ancient Aztec calendar developed by the Aztecs in which each day of the month is represented by a different creature. Almost every gang, inside and outside the United States, has some symbol to show others of gang membership. Russian gangs members often devote themselves entirely to the gang, body and all, forsaking all friends and family members.
The tattoos are usually done in the prisons with homemade tools, so they are on the body for life.
Enriquez once killed for the gang and also ordered the deaths of men and women in prison and on the streets.
They have recruited new brothers that are professionals that wouldnt look like the original tattoo drug addicts from back in the days. The "M" is of course for "La Eme." Sometimes in such tattoos, the eagles wings are stylized into the shape of an M. The world of old Mexican culture is a treasure-trove of rich patterns and intricate designs that make for cool body art. Our guide gives you the facts & information about the Mexican eagle you’ll want to know before getting your tattoo done.The Mexican eagle was first used in 1823 and the eagle and snake have been present ever since as the Emblem of Arms of several successive governments in Mexico. Typical options you can choose when getting your tattoo done include adding the background colors of the flag or not, or changing the color scheme on the eagle itself to make it more colorful. Two of the most infamous gangs, the Vor v Zakone (also known as the Russian Mafia) and the Mexican Mafia, are prime examples of what gangs expect their members to tattoo on themselves.
Russian gang members, specifically the Vor v Zakone, cite multiple meanings to their tattoos; they are a highly secretive group.

To anyone looking at a Russian criminal, the tattoos would make the person seem very religious. These tattoos tell the number of times you have been incarcerated, where you have been, what crimes you have committed and more.
When Enriquez decided to leave the gang in 2002, he became the highest-level Mexican Mafia leader to work with the police.
The Vor v Zakone puts many, many meanings into their many tattoos, whereas the Mexican Mafia only has a few meanings per tattoo. For tattoo artists Mexican art and culture are a constant inspiration for rich and colorful tattoo designs. The motifs of Mexican architecture and shapes of buildings also form a part of beautiful tattoo designs. What is immediately special about the Mexican eagle is that it is distinctly Mexican and nothing to do with the Spanish colonizers who ruled the country for three hundred years. Another good example of a religious tattoo having a completely different meaning is the Madonna and Child. It seems that these tattoos are your entry into the very private world of the Russian prison.
There are 12 basic rules outlined in the Mexican Mafia’s constitution, including membership for life, a high level of integrity, and every member has the right to wear the Mexican Mafia Tattoo (discussed below). According to NPR, Enriquez looks like the typical gangster with many of the gang’s tattoos displayed on his body. While both organizations are secret, the Vor v Zakone has much stricter rules than the Mexican Mafia.
There are many profound themes that continue to occur in Mexican culture, such as life, death, and nature. The patterns of ancient Mexican artwork can often be seen in tattoo designs for the neck that look just like an elaborate neck-piece.
In fact the Mexican eagle was deliberately chosen as it was present in the mythology and folklore of the original Aztecs who were native to Mexico before Europeans came. Other meanings of the tattoo include mourning the loss for a loved one or having served a long prison sentence (or a loved one’s prison sentence).
One court went so far as to cover up the defendant’s tattoos (although you can clearly still see the facial ones). The Vor v Zakone tattoos also have hidden meanings as well, such as the widely popular cathedral with onion-shaped cupolas tattoo. Humiliating tattoos are often forcibly given to the outcasts of prison, such as the child rapists. Many people have tried to decode the tattoos, but no one has gotten all of the meanings behind the tattoos ebcause there are so many variations, often kept private. A tattoo that is often worn by homosexual men is a pair of eyes tattoos on the lower stomach. California and Texas prisons both have large numbers of La EME gang members; however, these two branches of the gang are not linked. Both organizations are very visible in the gang circle and will continue to be infamous organizations, identifiable by their respective tattoos.

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