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Sleeve tattoos are quickly gaining momentum that has pushed them to the top of the most popular tattoos list. When getting sleeve tattoos you can either go all the way in one session or in multiple sessions.
There are so many sleeve tattoo designs that it is impossible to list each and every one of them!
For men, the arms are the most popular area (next to the back) to get tattoos, making the tattoo sleeve designs perfect for them! Sleeve tattoos are not just popular with the commoners.  Many famous faces carry around these awesome tattoo sleeve designs as well and are proud of it! No matter what design that you get or if you are male or female, keep in mind that sleeve tattoos are complex pieces of art.
There are big ones and small ones; but for someone who really wants to go all out with their creative expression, sleeve tattoos are the best choice!  Once upon a time, tattoos were small and inconspicuous.
If you are unsure of what this type of tattoo is, here is a basic definition for you; the sleeve tattoo is one that adorns part of the arm but can be covered by the sleeves of a shirt.
Besides, sleeve tattoo designs can be pretty personal so there are many that no one knows about except the wearer.

Some of the most popular choice of design for men include tribal, Celtic, Chinese, Aztec and zodiac. The tribal themed designs have dark and bold lines that can be made into an image or woven with intricate lines. He is one of the famous faces I am speaking of.  On his left arm is a full sleeve tattoo of mega floral proportions! Because of this you may want to take your time choosing your designs and get them done over a period of time.
Nowadays, people want to display their body art and this has led to a major increase of tattoo sleeve ideas and designs.
The quarter sleeve tattoos cover up the part of your arm that goes from the bicep to the shoulder. With these two themes, the design and the color make it extremely appealing and attractive. Women of all ages are falling in love with the sleeve tattoos and branding themselves with things such as angels, flowers, and astrological signs (sun, moon, stars, etc.). The half sleeve tattoo covers up the part of your arm from either the wrist to the elbow or from the elbow to the shoulder blades.

Some people choose one small or medium sized design to begin with, and later on down the road add onto it to make a full sleeve tattoo.
Taking the time to choose your design(s) is important as a sleeve tattoo should say something valid about who you are. Now you may be wondering if sleeve tattoos are just for men and the answer would be a big fat NO! It appears though, that the most popular sleeve tattoo designs for women are those of Japanese art.
Even though the arm is a more common place for a man to put body art, many women find sleeve tattoos on their own body to be very attractive.

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