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A dragon on the forearm of a German tourist, tattooed by Thai master tattoo artist Arjarn Neng (not seen)Those who wear sak yant often believe their tattoos genuinely lend them magical powers, bringing good luck or protection from evil spirits. Tattoos showing religious deities such as the Buddha or the Hindu god Ganesh - also popular in Thailand - are particularly problematic, especially if they are below the waist.In Thai culture, the head is the most sacred part of the body.
In April 2014 a British nurse was thrown out of Sri Lanka for sporting a tattoo of Buddha on her arm despite her insistence she was a devout Buddhist who bore the tattoo as a mark of respect 'When I see at my tattoos, it helps me and I think back to what my ajarn [tattoo master] told me,' said Logan, an American living in Thailand.

Neng works among plumes of incense smoke and statues of deitiesNeng says many of those visiting him are thinking beyond the look of tattoos.'Foreigners like the unique beauty of patterns,' he says. Some are even convinced that their inking will make them bullet proof.The designs - lines of script, geometric patterns and animal shapes - are also deeply interwoven with Buddhist and animist imagery that some Thais fear westerners fail to appreciate.

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