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Hinduism isn't the only belief system that idealizes tattoos of lotus flowers, though.The flower design also features heavily in Buddhism. Tattoos of the lotus flower are often associated with the precise moment that nirvana occurs, since it is an unfolding of the consciousness. Ancient Egyptians attributed the lotus flowers that grew along the banks of the Nile River with rebirth. Flower tattoos are the most popular tattoos among the different tattoo designs found today, especially among women. The lotus was the first flower of the universe and there are depictions of the lotus found on many monuments. Another significant meaning of the lotus flower is that it that since it grows in mud it represents the rise from hardships and struggles.
Besides the meanings of the lotus flows tattoo there are various symbols that are associated with the lotus.

Now that you know the different meanings of the lotus flower tattoos and the various symbols you can have a design tattooed on your body according to the meaning and symbol that you want to have represented.
Many times, the lotus is used to symbolize the number 1,000; this is probably because of the popular - albeit false - belief that the lotus has 1,000 petals.
Koi fish swim upstream and when combined with the lotus flower growing upward to the light is a symbol of optimism and perseverance to be successful. Many people have the tattoo on various parts of their bodies such as the lower back which is the most popular area with women. As a body art subject, the lotus can be depicted as having endless layers of petals; many times, this depicts nirvana. If you're into hieroglyphics, then, the lotus flower design might be something to consider for your body art.
The lotus is the most important flower in the Asian countries because of its religious significance.

The lotus flower tattoo is often worn by people that have had some sort of significant change in their lives since the lotus also stands for drastic life changes.
In addition, the lotus flower is the symbol for moving above the depth and represents individuality.
You can get the tattoo in several different colors such as pink, red, and blue which makes it look very real.
The lotus flower tattoo reminds people of the natural beauty that comes from within which is priceless. You can also have water, leaves, and Koi fish around the louts flower for an artistic look.

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