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One of the famous models who got inked by Scottie C is Lily Cole with a fancy writing across her right foot and a little heart on her right inner wrist. I am not a tattoo person, I would never get one and I sometimes think that down the road that the people who do get them regret them later on. But the thing that I find amusing about it all that if a person had a scar or a birth mark as big as the tattoo they wear they would most likely consider it ugly and want it removed.
The tatto being pretty or cool is just a pre requisite, don’t make it the reason for making one! Judging someone by there tattoos is no different from judging people by their race or religion, They are just using their right to freedom of mind! So we now feel that writing these things out on our bodies, because of its permanent and conspicuous nature, will be a serviceable substitute for this lacking character. Quickly to comment on a part of this entry, tattoo artist art certified by the health board for standards of cleanliness, but most of them have some form of art certification or degree ranging anywhere from drawing or painting to graphic design. You may be interested in Sali Hughes’ defense of tattoos here (although specifically written with women with tattoos in mind).
The photos are taken by Terry Richardson, also a friend of our tattoo artist Scott Campbell.

I am a female with 9 tattoos, most of which my husband drew and 2 that he actually tattooed himself. You have to have a significant amount of artistic skill to transition in a field such as tattoos.
Creative people decorate their wrist with different tattoos such as lily flower tattoo, rose flower tattoo, dragon tattoo, sun tattoo, cross tattoo, heart tattoo, eagle tattoo, peacock feather tattoo and more.
Either it was a simple, innocent mark on the skin as a forget-not-note, either it was a tiny temporary holiday tattoo. But for expressive people, designing and then getting a tattoo can be an amazing experience, and everytime you look at the part of your body you have ink a smile forms on your face. And you will not ever regret a tattoo if you go to a good tattoo shop and get a tattoo that has meaning to you. On the other hand, someone who goes to get a tattoo just to go get a tattoo, makes absolutely no sense to me.
I thought long and hard about my tattoo, and I made sure that it looks really cool, it has meaning, and it’s not written in English ^^ lol.
Especially as a tattoo artist, I unfortunately experience much more of the latter and it nearly makes me want to quit the job.

Below are few of the great looking wrist tattoos for girls and one will surely find a permanent place on your skin.
When it comes to tattoos you either never get one, you get one maybe two, or you just go for it and you either stop when you’ve run out of ideas or skin. I got music in arabic going down my wrist but it’s only about 2-3 inches big, nothing giant.
Most people I know who are tattooed are creative people and we simply view our bodies as another way to express our ideas. People who get their tattoos because they mean something to begin with to the receiver never regret that choice.
Spongebob, Eric Cartman (from Southpark), his pet bull terriers, a Simpson version of Marc himself, two renditions of the Oui porn magazine, Shameless on his chest, Bros Before Hos on the forearm (a tattoo carried by Marc, Scott Campbell himself and a small circle of friends), a couch on his right hip and so many colored stars.
Another friend of mind was rejected from the military for having pins in his arm so he went out a got military tattoos to show his love and support and his insane amount of knowledge in the history.

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