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Besides this popular and conventional meaning, the lock and key tattoos also stand for freedom and symbolize a phase in the life of a person when he or she was entrapped or had to lead a very restricted life. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Key Tattoos, Rosary Tattoos, Shooting Star Tattoos and Playboy Bunny Tattoos. This key and lock carved on both the forearms with the love message is a symbol that the girl is engaged. The husband and wife have got the key and lock tattooed on the inside of their forearms, as a mark of love and commitment. This is a loving memory tattoo carved for one’s father whose memories are locked in the heart of the wearer. This key and lock tattoo carved in the form of an anklet looks classic and has a symbolic meaning pertaining to freedom.
This black and grey lock and key tattoo stands for the one-of-its-kind relation shared by the wearer and her lover. Carved on the shoulder, this key and lock tattoo represents love that makes a couple indispensable to each other. The girl has got a lock and key on the back of her thigh that symbolize strength lying locked inside the girl. This tattoo is a symbol of marital fidelity that represents the spirit of made-for-each-other.
Together we stand, divided we fall; this is the message of the key and lock carved on the shoulder.
Metallic and realistic key lock tattoo that has a mysterious touch, symbolizing some deep secret locked in the wearer’s heart. The angel wings along with a lock and key wrapped around it says that courage is the key that can unlock the free spirit inside man.
The girl is proud to have the same lock design as the original lock that she wanted as tattoo.
The girl is in search of an ideal life partner who will unlock her heart and this tattoo is a symbol of the same. The lock and key tattoo is very popular among the couples as it symbolizes everlasting love and commitment. This yellow shade lock and key created on the lower side of the waist makes for a pretty, mysterious tattoo piece.

This key and lock with the latter having a skull image represents the evil hidden inside us that needs to be kept locked forever. The twin keys and the heart symbolize the husband and the child of the woman who hold the key to her heart. This arm tattoo with the key inside the lock is a symbol that the girl’s heart is locked as she has found her soul mate. Carved at the back of the palm, this tattoo makes for an ornamental design that looks sober and charming. The girl got the lock and key tattoo on her thigh to symbolize this very fact which looks quite cool.
The woman has got a key and lock joined by a blue ribbon on the left side of her chest that looks pretty.
This is an old school lock and key tattoo art carved along with red roses; a symbol of love and passion. The wise old owl perched on a key with its stomach shaped up as lock symbolizes that wisdom can be unlocked with the key of hard work. The girl has both the symbols on her hands to represent the lack of freedom that has kept her locked in her own world.
This lock and key carved with blue ink, at the back of the palm, are a symbol that the man is a believer in action and trusts his strength. The lock and key, sitting behind the ears, are a symbol of the fact that the girl listens to her own heart only.
Tracking the lock and key tattoo imagery a century back, one finds they first emerged, just like a majority of modern ink, with sailors and social outcasts. Most frequently, lock and key tattoos are related to the subject of love, implying the key to somebody’s heart emotion. If a couple decides to get tattooed in celebration of their love, lock and key can be chosen, where each of them wears one piece of the pair, or one lock and a key corresponding to the lock of their partner, and vice versa, frequently worn on the same part of the body. Greater symbolism of lock and key tattoos might imply end of an old life, locked away, and separation from one’s past, besides the intimacy allusions they can contain.
There are also sites that provide a custom tattoo maker in which you choose your own design and combine it with other designs.
People also wear it as a symbol of strength, courage, self belief because the key and lock is the route to a treasure or riches and the above mentioned qualities are no less than a treasure for human beings.

Today, it’s a recognized form of art, while tattoo artists are talented as fine art creatives, often coming from the world of painting themselves.
As the skin art was getting accepted, more and more people from all spheres of society are inked up, while lock or keys have a prominent place on their bodies. Hence, locks are very often heart-shaped, while keys can be adorned with names or objects related to the beloved one. Lock and key are therefore symbols of strong and unique relationship, where two people perfectly fit together. They evoke the old times, the mysterious things kept away in cellars and attics, in secret chests, pirates and hidden treasures, while simultaneously delivering the bearer’s personal idea. Possibilities of executing and interpreting lock and key tattoos are many, while as any of the ink embellishments people carry, they are definitely a fantastic conversation starter.
Here, we have presented a gallery of 30 lock and key tattoos that will tell you about designs and more meanings. Leaving their signature on living bodies of people, these artists strive to build their own style, while reflecting the innermost feelings and ideas of their clients, who generally choose tattoos that mirror their personalities.
The style chosen to executed lock and key tattoos is usually classical, colored in traditional, bright hues, reminiscent of the mid-20th century. Being decorative by themselves, both key and lock allow for a lot of freedom, where the imagination of the tattooed person and the artist can both be wonderfully expressed.
Symbolism is the core of tattoo art, and while some symbols are unique and personal, some tattoos are created on the common grounds, bearing a universal meaning.
Often detailed and intricately decorated, these tattoos can be enriched by flowers, jewels, clocks to insinuate passage of time, significant animals, or, on the opposite side, done in a very simple, minimalist way, signifying only outlines of the keyhole or a key. The lock and key, as we know, is a pair that comes together and the existence of one depends on another. Lock and key tattoos are one of these ink images, one of the most popular selections of the tattooed, universal enough, but always rendered in a profoundly personal manner. Therefore, the lock and key is a very popular tattoo symbol for commitment and marital fidelity.

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