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SO TO ALL who jumps to conclusion and do not know what is up and mention this tattoos is a PARADOX because ther is a cross with tribal all around it.
Finally, naisip ko oras na para magkaroon ng sariling tattoo, at gusto ko yung may homage naman sa sarili nating culture. Remember it was not the TATTOOIST choice to do it that way, but it turned out great in the long run because the great spirit was guiding everyone to put all and all together, so to all who commented that this is a confusing tattoo or someone was confuse please NOT no one was..

I’m designing my tattoo, but would like to really dig deep into the Filipino way in fusion with modern design. And I have already gotten one filipino tattoo (the sun, and tagalog words underneath) and when people ask (including pinoys) I am very proud to share with them my childhood!

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