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Mehron's Henna-Style Tattoo Ink is made safely with quality ingredients that are water resistant and will not rub off.Henna tattoo inks can be used for temporary tattoos in the style of Henna Art or for drawing tattoos for performers in theater, film, or television.
The origins of Henna Body Art can be traced back to the Bronze Age and has become tradition in many celebrations, parties and festivals in various cultures world-wide.This non-tacky cosmetic 'Ink' gives great coverage, and is sold in 5oz bottles.

The Henna-Style Tattoo Cosmetic 'Ink' can be used for temporary Tattoos in the tradition of Henna Art or for crafting tattoos for performers in theater, television or film.
Now, the Leading Makeup Company, Mehron, has produced a Professional Henna-Style Cosmetic Tattoo 'Ink' for your costume party and celebratory needs.

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