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I learned from my good friend Jen Green, ND that henna has also proven helpful in the address of hand-foot syndrome, also called Palmar-Plantar Erythrodysesthesia (PPE), a side effect of some types of chemotherapy, though the study investigating this usage didn’t specify a clear mode of action. Beyond its use for common skin issues, henna is considered to bring blessings as well as protection. Henna applications for the hair can be remarkably effective in their ability to address dandruff.  If you want red highlights, anyway.
So, for example, if you’ve got nail fungus and have tried filing the nail down and applying tea tree oil a couple times a day, file the nail down, paint it with henna paste, and then continue to use the tea tree oil (or whatever) daily.

The increasing popularity of henna on pregnant bellies isn’t just decorative, but is a ceremonial blessing of the mother and child, whether outwardly presented as that or not. Likewise, people struggling through transitions or personal trials can use henna in a way that solidifies their intentions or some other personal commitment.
If using the henna paste for fungal skin infections, use antimicrobial herbs in your tea; perhaps calendula or (oooh!) wild bergamot. Henna artist Darcy Vasudev shows work on her site of chemotherapy patients who’ve chosen not to wear a wig but henna their head instead.

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