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A tattoo inked anywhere on the rib cage is referred to in the industry as a rib side tattoo and is particularly popular for those who want large designs.
Celtic tattoos are popular for many body parts and these designs originate from people known as Celts in ancient times. Dragon tattoos are great if you want a bib design as they are packed with vibrant color and vivid details and require a large surface to display them in their full glory.
However while they look really cool the downside of rib tattoos for guys has got to be the pain involved.

These symbols are popular with Christians and also make good small rib tattoos for guys on their own. This is due to the thin layer of skin covering the bone which means there is less tissue to pad and protect from the tattooist’s needle.
These wonderful designs have both negative and positive associations, but the need a large area to do them justice making the rib side an ideal location for one. These particular tattoos look best on guys with toned abdomens so let’s look at some of the coolest designs for rib side tattoos.

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