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There are no strict rules in painting by henna, even the color of a picture is always different.
For those who are afraid of a real flower tattoo, there are temporary henna flower tattoos. The shade depends on the structure of the used paste, the skin of the tattoo carrier, and also the time interval which has passed from the moment tattooing. Women of the East, India and the North Africa since ancient times painted themselves with henna on the occasion of holidays.
A henna tattoo as any temporary detail of decor is an ideal advertising material for parties, show and presentations.

Graceful female patterns which prevail in this style harmoniously suit to the natural color of henna.
The modern European youth prefer traditional flower and plant ornaments, stylized hieroglyphs and the images of zodiacal signs in different styles.
It is fine, when the clothes and footwear is in the same style with a tattoo on hands or feet. The great value for many people, is a possibility to change or completely remove a flower tattoo. The structure has to be prepared 30 minutes before the process of tattooing starts; it looks like a porridge that consists of henna powder, warm water and a small amount of lemon juice.

At the third stage the picture of a flower is drawn by a felt-tip pen on any soft plastic and put to skin, the print is led round by henna.

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