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Every great designer knows that the wrong font can totally change the direction of a project.
I never understood it, but most people who look for free fonts never go to the sites where you pay for fonts. TypeTogether was created when two font designers came together and decided they wanted to make really awesome fonts for the world. Fontstruct is a web app that allows designers to essentially create their own typefaces with ease. This is a co-op brought together by two guys who just wanted to offer some unique, trendy high quality fonts to people on a pay-what-you-want model. This blog seems to do a lot of snooping for you as they offer many free fonts available all over the place.
The Type Depot is a font design studio based in Bulgaria headed by two people who wanted to make some great fonts. I would recommend DeviantArt to amateur designers who want to get some of the best fonts available. One of the best ways to find some of the best free fonts is to look through some of the leading font foundries.
Whenever I’m asked to recommend a website for designers to download free fonts, Font Squirrel is my first choice.

Join our 756,532 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! While that sounds like perfect logic, they dismiss the fact that there are many authors who give out free demos of fonts or allow a certain weight and type to be downloaded for free. Quite frankly, they make some extremely high quality, trendy and all around useful fonts that you should really have in your arsenal if you don’t already.
While they  can and have created some customized fonts for businesses, these two also offer free fonts to other designers. While Fonthaus isn’t one of the most popular and high quality font retailers, you can do some digging to find a font that works for your taste.
I’ve personally played around with Fontstruct before and found it mildly confusing, however, there have been others who have found great success with it. I assume people don’t want to purchase fonts because you end up getting a family of 5 weights for $300 — that may seem steep to some. Font Fabric is one of them and offers some great free font families as well as some at really affordable prices.
I think a few other places to find really good quality of fonts are in the type communities. However, there are some instances where you simply want a free copy of a font you already know or have seen.

But they have so many fonts and the interface isn’t that conducive for finding fonts, especially for a project.
They have a strict process for getting fonts through to the consumer, so you know you’re getting some great work. Designers are encouraged to share the fonts they’ve created and many are available for download at Fontstruct. If you cannot find a great free font on some of these larger sites, you definitely want to make sure you’re checking in with some font foundries.
Every so often, you’ll get someone who uses Dribbble more as a promotional tool for something available for free or download. Today we’ve put together a list of places the really, really good fonts like to hide. With some good snooping, you can find some free (and sometimes exclusive) fonts available on Dribbble.

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