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Tattoos are a fashion accessory that are displayed with equal fervor by both the sexes and the gender boundary is not so clearly laid out in terms of looks and designs. Talking about feminine tattoos, women like to sport designs that find consonance with their nature. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Hot Tattoos, Girls With Tattoos, Beautiful Tattoos and Pink Tattoos. Soft and dainty, the bird has a soft grace and sweet look that is quite similar to feminine charm of a woman. Feminine arm tattoo that expresses the heartfelt desire of a woman carved with a charming red heart. The innocent and delicate quail with the intoxicating California poppie flowers stand for the cocktail of feminine charm.
The sleeping wolf painted in black and grey with shades of pink represents the cunning and soft shades of feminine nature. The butterflies and the pink and white cherry blossom flowers are a manifestation of the feminine grace. Tiny cherry blossom flowers flowing on the shoulder look beautiful and typify the soft feminine grace.

Good tattoo quote carved on the foot of a woman along with a heart shape has a sober and deep meaning. The black and white tattoo design with floral prints, carved on the arm, has a feminine touch.
Flowers and floral designs are a favorite with the women and they love to wear them as tattoos.
Hot and sensuous, this model looks more appealing due to the tattoos placed on her different body parts. The gorgeous woman with their tattooed arms, bearing flowers and branches, make elegant dance poses. Women always look for grace and beauty and this is clear in this camera tattoo embroidered with flowers. The tattooed arm of the model has tiger, roses and a seal, together creating a cool collage.
The model in her blue dress with a tattooed belly and hands makes for an alluring portrait. Sitting in a river, the model with red hair makes a cool pose that shows her tattooed arm in full display.

The model holding flowers in her hand and sporting a side tattoo running from toe to arm looks damn sexy.
Boys and girls wear what they like and the design of the tattoo depends on the taste and choice of the person who is wearing it.
These tattoos exhibit softness, grace, beauty, sweetness and various other qualities that are associated with women. Still, there are certain tattoo designs that are preferred by one gender more than the another.
Here are 50 feminine tattoos that will bring out the essence of the feminine tattoos in a wonderful way.

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