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As you all know these famous people and may be familiar of thier looks and styles, Here We offer you a great photo collection of stellar bodies with their tattoos and the motive of thier unique designs.
Tattooing in the form of barbed wire on the left shoulder, model Pamela Anderson has appeared in 1996 during the filming of a sci-fi movie «Barb Wire» Pamela was in the title role.
According to media reports, the singer has more than 20 tattoos of various sizes and styles, one of which was made in tribute of mourning for her dead bulldog Elvis with the words “Time to cry. On the body of the former drummer «Motley Crue» Tommy Lee is like a difficult one to find the missed tattooed area.

The actress Scarlett Johansson has a colorful tattoo on her left hand as the sun rises, which has a special meaning for her. A former boxer Mike Tyson have a lot of tattoos, including a portrait of Che Guevara on the left torso. In recognition of actress Jamie King, she regretted to made some of her tattoos, which have to get up during the filming, but it did not prevent her from adding new ones.
To See the tattoo of singer Courtney Love is not difficult: usually, when she fills them immediately publish the photos.

In 2011, the actress admitted in the magazine Esquire that she has nine tattoos, including one of them inside of the lips, which she does not show to anyone. According to the actress, her tattoo is a warning that she is not wholly owned by the film industry, because it breaks the person.The picture was taken at the award ceremony «Teen Choice Awards» in Universal City, California.

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