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It is not hard to understand why guys and girls are choosing stars for their necks as a tattoos.
Our neck is a highly visible part of our body and at the same time, it has enough space to hold any sexy tattoo design. Perhaps, you may know that star neck tattoos have become very socially accepted these days and more and more guys and girls are getting them.
We would like to tell you that the star is not only a classic shape but it can carry deep, symbolic and long lasting meaning to you.
However, as star is a simple image as well your design will be small, so it will be usually done pretty quick. Although some girls choose star neck tattoos in order to make their neck sexy and feminine. You have so many options available for tattooing stars on your neck such as nautical stars, tribal stars, four pointed star the most popular shooting stars. So picking the right neck star tattoo can be hard because there are so many types available to choose from. Men are still preferring to get shooting star and nautical star tattoo designs on their neck.

You can get your star tattoos on neck either as a single star in outlined black or green ink or in groups wherein it can fill the whole neck area front and back. You can also get shooting stars that come up from the back and end under the hairline but above shoulder height. As far as color of the design is concerned you must choose black or any other solid color for your neck star tattoos. So, we can say star neck tattoos can be your significant expression or may be your fashion statement.
If your design will be according to your personality then final piece will be mind blowing as well as you will not reject it in near future. Shoulder Blade tattoos have come to being from the times of American Indians and the Maori tribe that existed many centuries ago.
Blade tattoos brighten up the shoulder to a very large extent and add a lot of color and vibrancy at the same time.
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We have seen so many guys sporting tattoos of nautical stars on their neck, symbolizing safe journey and guidance. Those days these tattoos were used to identify a person or distinguish one person from the other. In many cases shoulder blade tattoos are being used as a start for tattoos that occupy the whole back. We think, you will also agree that star tattoos for neck are extremely popular designs for girls and women. The tattoos done on the shoulder-blade area are considered very appropriate and extremely stylish too. So any individual who wishes to go in for a tattoo on the shoulder blade should think as the tattoos visibility can be poor at this place.

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