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This attractive poster features the hieroglyphic alphabet (English letters and corresponding hieroglyphic symbol) on genuine Egyptian papyrus. This bright, papyrus-like poster features the hieroglyphic alphabet (with corresponding English letters) along with additional Egyptian symbols and their meanings. My sister Megan and I got into hieroglyphics when we were younger, and loved writing our names in hieroglyphics, especially on our schoolwork.
This small, laminated fold-out booklet of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs covers many popular symbols, from powerful artifacts like "The Eye of Horus" to simple "Papyrus". Codes, riddles, anagrams, and hieroglyphics lead the children and search parties down the Nile in a desperate quest set in Greco-Roman Egypt.

Full-color stickers include two or more of each hieroglyphic symbol, two cartouche stickers to write your name in, and several Egyptian-themed stickers, over 100 stickers in all. Use the decoder wheel to learn the hieroglyphic alphabet and complete the activities in the fact-filled activity book. Colorful Egyptian scenes and hieroglyphics are displayed on the front of the bookmark, along with a space for you to write your name in hieroglyphics (a reference on the hieroglyphic alphabet is included. It includes a fold out pyramid, colorful hieroglyphics labels to personalize your pyramid, a hieroglyphics decoder, a mummy tomb with sound effects, a variety of gold colored figurines (coffin, pharaoh statue, canopic jars, mummy, pillars, sarcophagus, vault and key) and a painting kit so you can paint the figurines. When they are trapped in a pyramid, they must follow the hieroglyphic symbols to find the burial chamber and a way out.

Turn the wheel to display a colorful symbol, its Egyptian word, and its English translation through the viewing window.

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