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Tatiana was speaking with a local Bedouin this afternoon and shared with me an interested piece of culture pertaining to the (ancient) superstitious notion of protection from the evil eye. The right eye of Horus, who was the ancient Egyptian sky god (usually depicted as a falcon). In ancient Egyptian culture the Eye of Horus was associated with regeneration, health and prosperity.
Although contemporary Egyptians have generally switched over to the hamsa for protection, the Bedouin still have their own thoughts on the subject.

We use to wear blue eyed ornaments or hang them on the walls of our houses or on the doors or walls of our shops for protection against evil eye.
It is believed that people born on Saturday or those with blue eyes can give you an evil eye spell easier. To rid yourself of the evil eye in Greece, you must be blessed by people who know the mystic and secret prayer which passes from older women, more usually, to their daughters or other relatives before they die.
When worn as jewelry the eye served to ensure safety, protect health, and provide the wearer with wisdom and prosperity.

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