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It also supports multiple domains from FTP, SFTP and FTPS connections and has an excellent user interface for a first-generation Android app.2. Combined with AndFTP (above), you can build and push websites with your Android handheld device! At the moment, it still suffers from functionality problems on certain Android devices, but is getting more stable with each version release (version 3 is currently in development).3. View Web Source (free)If you come upon a mobile site that you want to study whilst you’re browsing the Mobile Web, View Web Source allows you to inspect and download the entire source code of the page to its text editor.

It gives you the ability to edit and manipulate the code, make comments, and save the file on your phone (or send to your email account).5. Google Analytics is the best free web service (hands down) for studying your website traffic statistics. Mobile GA (Google Analytics) uses the Google Analytics API for securely transmitting your site data without the need for third-party intermediate servers, maintaining the privacy and safety of your data.6.
Thinking Space is an Android app designed for recording brainstorms and for mapping out your garbled thoughts so that when an idea hits, you’ll have a structured medium to convey them in.

With Typography Junkies for Android, you can keep up-to-date with the very latest in font news by way of videos, images, social media and much more.10.
HTML Test is a great Android app to have if you’re just starting out in this whole web design game.

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