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Most of us are familiar with the dreamcatcher – a hoop containing a woven mesh and feathers and beads hanging from it.
Nowadays dreamcatchers a more a symbol of American Indian heritage and their overall underlying beauty, but to some they still believe that the dreamcatcher will get rid of any bad dreams.
Dreamcatcher tattoos are particularly popular amongst females, generally because the feathers and web like patterns are seen as a more feminine design.
Here is an example of someone putting their own twist on the dreamcatcher with their own adornments hanging from it including the pentagram which is a popular symbol for lovers of HIM who are a metal band. A simpler dreamcatcher design that has been modified to have the web look like that of a sunflower. Because the dreamcatcher is traditionally hand made and that often no two would be the same it offers a great chance to show your creative flare and put your own twist or embellishments on it.
A larger dreamcatcher tattoo on someone’s hip which is a popular place for females to get tattoos these days, particularly because they can hide these tattoos when they dress for work. A great example of how you can compliment your dreamcatcher tattoo with hand made bracelets on your wrist.
A unique take on the dreamcatcher tattoo, this time featuring an animals skull in the middle and different kind of webbing patterns.
Probably the most popular spot to get dreamcatcher tattoos or any American Indian themed tattoo for that matter is the shoulder, there is something about the feather style designs dangling down your arm that just works! Here you can see someone has got creative with the style of webbing in the dreamcatcher design having a mixture of star style designs. We love this one, it’s like the negative photograph version of a dreamcatcher tattoo which in the tattoo world is called black work ink where the majority of the tattoo is black and you use your own skin tone for the detail inside – very cool! A beautiful necklace style band around someones neck with a really cool dreamcatcher going all the way down their back – absolutely love this design.

The side of the ribs is an increasingly popular spot for both females and males to get tattooed. We really love how this person has incorporated some beautiful pink roses around the dreamcatcher and how detailed the 3d beads are, they look very realistic. Proof that dreamcatcher tattoos don’t need be massive and across your whole back to look pretty.
Whilst not your traditional dreamcatcher style you can see that it is definitely influenced by them and they have adapted the style to more of a band style tattoo around their ankle with a feather hanging from it, still it looks really pretty. Another rare spot to get tattooed is on the palm of your hand as it is considered that it will rub off easier, but here is a beautiful example of how pretty they can look. A great shot of someone incorporating birds flying off from their dreamcatcher design across their back.
A dreamcatcher Tattoo is a special form of feather tattoo and has strong links to American native culture. A dreamcatcher, is a hoop containing a web or net, decorated with feathers and beads, which is believed to bring good dreams to its owner. Though many people today use dreamcatchers as decorations, dreamcatchers are actually full of meaning and symbolism. Due to their mystical history, dreamcatchers have become a fixture of the New Age movement in recent years, and dreamcatcher tattoos have also grown in popularity. Why not take it in to your tattooist and have them replicate it on your arm so that it will last a life time. It is also a popular tattoo design idea for women for its symbolic meaning or perhaps icon of fashion. Dreamcatchers are rich with symbolism and history, and many people want this symbolism on their bodies.

Dreamcatchers were first created by the Ojibwa Nation, also known as the Chippewa or Anishinabe, and used to ward off bad dreams. The popularity of the protective charms soon spread to other Native American tribes, although some shunned dreamcatchers. Here is an exception where someone has opted for some pretty white roses that contrast really nicely against the thick black lines of the dreamcatcher. Make sure that you do your research when it comes to caring for your tattoo and get the right moisturizer.
For a bolder look, use the dreamcatcher as part of a large Native American motif on your entire back. Mainstream American's "Indian" items, such as feathered headgear, tomahawks, and moccasins are seen as a cultural affront by many in the Native American community, and so it is with dreamcatchers.
Even Hollywood has gotten in the act - actress Vaness Ferlito has a dreamcatcher on her shoulder.
Complete the look with wolves, buffalo, arrowheads, and feathers.Although dreamcatchers have a fairly uniform appearance, there is much room for customization. Tattooing your body with a sacred symbol of a group in which you are not a part can be seen as disrespectful and inappropriate. Additionally, you can also have the tattoo artist create a distinctive design within the web itself.

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