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NOTE: The moon does NOT need to be in the spot i have in my rough draft, the entries i have so far however look awesome, but for some other artists that want more space to create stuff. If any of you have a better way to incorporate the ribbon in that quote, feel free to let me know!
Tattoos in Flight is a gallery of airplane, aviation, space & flying related tattoo art collected from around the world — displaying the passion for the sky exhibited by the wearer.

We want to have the Tattoodo T-logo (attached here) transformed into an awesome tattoo design. Its a very simple tattoo compared to most things iv seen on here, but its something i really want, and i want it done as awesome as possible!! We feature the most skilled artists from around the world who excel in tattooing this unique subject matter, allowing aviation and aerospace enthusiasts to make more informed decisions in choosing a tattoo artist.

I want the word hope and the ribbon to stick out more, but i dont want it to draw away from the rest of the tattoo.

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