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Conventions are a great way for collectors to pick up work by artists that don’t reside in their city, and also from artists whose books are normally filled up for months. Last year I got tattooed by Hilary Jane during the Northern Ink Xposure, and since then have acquired several additional pieces during other conventions.
Some Tattoo Artists will take bookings in advance, so if there’s an artist you’d love to get work done by, drop them an email! And while some artists will book ahead of NIX, some prefer in the spirit of a convention to take walk up’s at the show itself.
This may seem like a no brainer, but often this is something many tattoo newbs take for granted. Brandon from Calgary, Canada sends in a photo of of his big Philippine map tattoo with his last name.

I would like a shotgun from my arm pit to my hip with ducks and canadian geese and a pond with trees surrounding it and the sun rising over the treeline. In it’s 17th year, NIX has long showcased the talents of some of the worlds best tattoo artists and this year is no exception. Often attending Artists will have flash pieces designed specifically for tattooing during the convention. In this case, it’s useful to go early and have a wander round to check out artist books and work in person. Milam, who wears "Aryan" and "Honor" tattoos above his eyebrows and a swastika tat on his neck, was charged yesterday in a methamphetamine case (his brother-in-law allegedly tried to mail the drug into the Stanislaus County Jail, where Milam is being held on a murder charge).
Though many artists have professional portfolios available online, don’t neglect to have a look through their Instagram accounts!

These are often more frequently updated, and it’s an easy way to get an overview of an artists range of work. Know in advance exactly how much your piece will cost and what payment methods your Tattoo Artist is able to accept at the convention.

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