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2014 collection of trendy tattoos include fantastic styles of tribal tattoos that have great impact on the wearer.
According to Greek mythology white lily was created from the breast milk of Hera that’s why the flower symbolizes fertility, birth, purity, innocence and motherhood. Let’s get back to lotus tattoo ideas and, what is more interesting, lotus tattoo meaning and history. Orchid as one of the rarest and the most beautiful flower is a perfect motif for woman’s tattoo.
Orchid has different meanings in different cultures so if you have decided to get one of those beautiful orchid tattoos you need to know what it symbolizes and where it will look best.
We are getting ready for summer and the best thing you can do is to pamper your body with brand new tattoo. If you have decided to get tattoo on rib you are probably ready to wear a huge picture and see it every day.
Of course the type of tattooing greatly differs now from ancient times when tribal tattoos were popular but today it is possible to recreate even the most complicated print (if only you have found professional tattoo artist).
Gentle colors of flower will highlight woman’s natural beauty in the best way without looking too dramatic or eye catching. All flowers make woman’s body more seductive and feminine but orchid is highlighted from all available flowers. Besides of being highly fashionable and feminine rose tattoo has meaning just like other flowers.

It is supposed that huge tattoo is bold and daring but just take a look at those cherry blossom tattoos. 2014 summer popular tattoo trends include so many beautiful designs that will become statement accessories for you.
This beautiful and feminine tattoo will be suitable for girls who want to highlight their nature. Every tattoo has its meaning and those who understand tattoo will surely understand your personality. Quotes or portraits don’t have any hidden meaning but tattoos of animals, flowers and other designs do have meaning. Surely modern tribal tattoos are a bit transformed but still the meaning and symbolism is kept. The following ideas of amazing lily tattoos will help you to find the most suitable one for you.
As it is less visible and dramatic such style will help you to get used of wearing a tattoo. Here are some of the most beautiful rose tattoos for women and parts of body that are perfect for rose tattoo. The following unique tattoos will show you some creative ideas and help you to make a choice.
More often fairy tattoo is a massive design on the back or on the shoulder but newest trends also include smaller designs of fairy tattoos.

More often rib tattoo is completed up to shoulder or tummy and even leg but let’s forget about those complex styles and concentrate on the hottest women rib tattoos. Well I hope you are ready for dramatic changes and those examples of popular rib tattoos will inspire you.
If you have made up your mind to get a tattoo check out this collection of 2014 popular tattoos and their meaning. Both small and large flower tattoo designs are trendy; you can make it less visible or choose body part where you can show off your luxurious tattoo and gain a lot of admiration.
Surely such tiny tattoo will become the beginning of your fantastic journey to the world of tattoos so why not to begin this adventure right now. The hottest one is surely feather tattoo on rib but you can get it on leg, foot, shoulder or even tummy. If you have decided to get cherry blossom tattoo you should first find out what it means and which the best parts for tattoo are.

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