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Michal Lasky of Partizan Tattoo which rests in the lovely surroundings of Bratislava, is an amazing tattoo artist with a wealth of talent to share. Located in Augsburg Germany, Frenky has captivated the attention of many in the tattoo community. True Artists Spotlight Jerry Pipkins When people are looking to get a specific movie or film character tattooed on them, finding an artist can be quite a difficult task. There are of course many different subjects for tattoos out there, but one of the most popular seems to be wildlife. An unfortunate bill has passed through by Governor Cuomo that has the livelihood of tattoo artists of New York City under a great deal of strain. There have been many different subjects in tattooing throughout the years, but one of the most popular design subjects has and perhaps always will be flowers.
For as long as there has been tattooing, skulls have seemed to be a favorite subject matter for those who have created the stunning artwork. There are all sorts of tattoos out there, black and grey, hyper color, realism, American traditional, but there is something to be said about a tattoo that can take your breath away with just one look. When you think about tattoos, you more than likely think of the object of the tattoo, the flow, the design, the appearance, but you may not think about the placement as often. When it comes to tattoos, people rarely stop to think about the overall composition and flow that it may have with the body.
If you’re new to the tattoo world, chances are, you aren’t familiar with the tattoo artists in your area. Yet another amazing artist that we have chosen to spotlight here at TrueArtists, Melissa Storm is an amazing artist who specializes in portraits and realism. Deciding to alter your body forever is a huge commitment, and one that you shouldn’t take lightly when you’re considering getting your first tattoo. It isn’t often that we’re allowed the chance to interview someone you look up to as an artist, but, I’ve been granted that very chance with the amazing Walt Watts, a tattoo artist located in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah.

Tattoos are the epitome of forever when it comes to body modification, for that reason, it’s absolutely important to consider all facets of your tattoo before going under the needle. There are a few questions that every tattooed person will face in their lifetime, but that doesn’t mean we have to enjoy them.
It’s no secret that there seems to be a bit of a controversy surrounding tattoos and religion. The art form of tattooing has a rich history throughout the decades, but so does the machine that is used as the primary tool of creative artists throughout the world. Whether you’re just curious or are considering getting a new tattoo, you may wonder what the most popular tattoo styles are in current times. Continuing with our behind the scenes artists interviews, a few weeks ago we touched base with Nic Westfall, San Francisco tattoo artist who works out of Club Tattoo at Pier 39.
There are some pretty incredible tattoo artists who call this state home, many who are experts when it comes to new trends in tattooing. We have found some amazing Halloween and Horror tattoos done by TrueArtists from around the world. While on the other side of the spectrum of industry, Massachusetts also boasts some of the most amazing tattoo artists in the industry. Through the use of rich, vibrant colors and solid shading in black work, it’s no wonder that he is an award winning tattoo artist. With the heavy foot-traffic it isn’t surprising that you can walk through the city streets and find a tattoo parlor to get a permanent memorial of your trip.
All walks of animal life are game for tattoo artists and they’re making the absolute most of it with their tattoos. Of course, these artists aren’t just sitting back and letting it happen without a little professional input. These top notch tattoos are usually used as inspiration for others who are considering getting their own work done.

But, when you love tattoos, you know that tattoo sleeves are perhaps some of the most popular out there. While there are plenty of tattoos with a deep seeded meaning, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some room for silliness and games. There are many different styles of color tattoos, each of them holding their own against one another. But, once you have taken the time to thoroughly think out a design that matters to you, the hardest step is taken care of. But, one of the most commonly undervalued steps in choosing a tattoo should be one of the first to be considered. While there are several religions that seem to be okay with tattooing, others have a more stanch stand against tattooing. Tattoo equipment, just like the art form itself, has seen many evolutions throughout the years. Whether it’s pin up, a Dia Delos Muertos girl, or a portrait, there are many stunning tattoos of women out there.
The true masters of tattooing are those artists who have mastered the art of creating an overall flow with the body. You can certainly tell the true dedication of both the artist and the collector by their back piece.
Of course, there are varying degrees of quality with black and grey tattoos, but, these are some of the best.

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