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Start this first step by drawing the shape of the butterfly wings and then a circle shape off to the lower left hand side for the heart.
Well you have made it to your last step and here you will finish the wing design on your beautiful butterfly. All but three have some sort of butterfly tattoo design on their lower backs, arms, or ankles. Now as you can see you will take your time adding the beautiful design to the butterfly wings and then thicken the lower tips as well.

If I was to get a tattoo I would definitely not get one on my lower back because I know that is a sensitive area to let a tattooing gun start doing its job. Tattoos have been around for centuries and there are even people out there that have almost their entire bodies covered by tattoo art. I mean most of the time each tattoo holds meaning to the individual whether it is from sorrow, happiness, pain, or fear.
There are some cultures that tattoo their bodies as proof of them conquering their fears, accomplishing dreams, and they even hold spiritual meanings as well.

I gave this design its own meaning, to me it means that love and beauty will never die as long as there is beauty to love.

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