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Among the religious and other reasons for wearing angel tattoos, the most potent one is the belief in Christianity.
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This tattoo showing a baby angel and a female angel together stands for the bond between the child and the mother.
The curvaceous girl has got large angel wings on her back that looks quite imposing and appealing. Black and grey angel wafting among flowers is a symbol of the free spirit that leaves the body after death.
This tattoo with cross and angel wings is a holy symbol carved on the back for religious reason. Large tattoo showing an angle engulfed in flames, symbolizing the agony of the woman on having lost her dear one.

Carved on lower back, this tattoo is a symbol of the fight between the good and evil forces inside us. An in loving memory tattoo carved with the name of the baby who has left for its heavenly abode. This girl has got large angel wings on her back as a way of having some spiritual presence. The artistic angel wings with knotted design present a cool aesthetic portrait that also has a spiritual touch.
This is a lovely tattoo that entwine the angel word with wings and creates a cool tattoo piece. Vibrant and dark angel wings with a liner below creates an attractive picture of the angel. Back tattoo showing a male angel with face covered in palms is a symbol of grief and sadness.

This angel tattoo with wings and a twinkling gold ring stands for the light the messengers of god are believed to bring in our lives.
Cute tattoo that gives the feel of a cartoon character and stands for the childlike innocence of angels. Expansive angel tattoo created on the back that gives out a mystic vibe and looks attractive.
Reddish tint angel wings attached on both sides of the back create an illusion of real wings being worn by the girl. Women are by nature god fearing creatures and therefore, get the angel wings in large numbers.

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