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Today, I'm in the NY Post because I too slept with Sandra Bullock's husband I'm a tattooed NY woman, and as the headline proclaims, "In-your-face tattoos aren't just for home wreckers -- lots of New York gals have highly visible body art."Aside from the repeated use of the word "tats" (you know that triggers my gag reflex), the article does a good job (for The Post) of getting across the message that women make up a large part of the heavily tattooed, and no, we're not all celebs and strippers. At the Buddhist temple in Wat Bang Phra, about 30 miles (50km) west of Bangkok, Thailand, devotees (and spectators) gather every year to receive Sak Yant -- tattoos believed to imbue the wearers with magical powers -- at the Wai Khru ceremony. About a week ago, the tabloids began their frenzied coverage of Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, a self-described "tattoo model," who not only had an affair with Jesse James who's married to actress Sandra Bullock, but also served up the details of their trysts in an effort to "cash in" and become "famous."I was going to ignore it or link it as a small footnote to a news review here, but as the week went on, the news stories moved beyond this tattooed woman and became about tattooed women. Everyone's been talking about Alice in Wonderland-inspired tattoos, but I've been jonseing for ink on The Runaways, which opens this Friday.
I'm saddened to learn that one of Old Guard of the tattoo world, Crazy Ace Daniels, died this Monday, March 8th, from natural causes.
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In the comfortable anonymity of these places, I sometimes reveal that I'm tattooed, and often people want to see. And with this film tribute to rock matriarchs, I give you my own Ode to Joan Jett's Tattoos.* First, the tattoos!* Second, the symbolism behind them, shared in the most wonderful book, Permanence Tattoo Portraits by Kip Fulbeck, shown above. Players can apply multiple tattoos in up to five layers, scale them, change the colors, and even modify opacity. Just wish that developers would hire real tattooists to work on the designs instead of getting stuck with the same ole cliches.

He would have been 59 years old on April 30th.Ace described himself on his Facebook page as the "janitor" of Way Cool Tattoos in Woodstock, Ontario, adding "I mop the floors, clean the toilets and once in a while they let me do a tattoo!" It was his sense of humor and love for the art and history of tattooing that endeared him to so many in the community, even those like myself who never met him in person. Often people come in with so many different symbols and things that are meaningful to them but ruin the whole artistry of what they are trying to convey. Pabst day at the Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta, a day that will not only be filled with green-tinged alcohol but tattoos.
Players can also upload and share these tattoos on the exchange, giving our community yet another creative outlet. Many of the Japanese I've met in these situations think that their compatriots don't have tattoos, but the reality is that they don't show them.There's a stereotype that tattooed Japanese must be part of the criminal underground, the Yakuza. The city's top shops including 13 Roses, Ink & Dagger, Sacred Heart and Liberty Tattoo are all part of the event with contests for best -- and worst -- tattoos. And while the word "tats" and phrase "upgrade your tramp stamp" made coffee shoot out my nostrils in frustration, it is nice to see a great artist get some sweet props from the masses.
We featured Amanda here last October and noted her experimental tattoo projects that got us hyped (sans caffeine).
Download the DOW record for free here.For the wordsmith set, I have another call for submissions from the tattoo and poetry journal Holly Rose Review. The journal editors are looking for tattoo images that evoke the theme of their fourth issue: Worry.

For more information on submitting tattoo work for this issue, click here or join their Facebook page.Finally, show some love to our newest advertiser, State of Grace Publishing. Yes, the same people who've brought the finest of Japanese tattooing to the US and one of our favorite conventions.
Next week I have a photo shoot for a magazine article where I talk about being a tattooed lawyer (and also promote my book).
I've thought about ditching the shoot altogether but I want more professional tattooed women in these mags and hopefully we can start that trend.
It can still be sexy -- because I believe tattooing is sexy in itself -- but as the recent headlines have shown, today's tattooed "bombshell" is more likely to be a post-traumatic mess. Our weapon of mass seduction should be the allure of strong women and men kickin ass to further their lives and, thereby, society's perception of the tattooed.So thank you, Michelle McGee, for showing us the ugliness to inspire greater and more beautiful things for ourselves.

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