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I've also got the vine to symbolize the strength and love of my family and also the celtic knot because I'm Irish. Some Asian dragons have whiskers and beards and appear to be feathered, whereas most European dragons are scaly like lizards or snakes.This is a pretty nasty looking dragon design. The wings allow it to fly, and the sharp points at the wing tips make it a formidable foe in battle.
In the east dragons symbolized luck, wealth and happiness, while in the west dragons represented greed and evil.The tattoo artist has given this dragon tattoo design shadows to create a 3D tattoo.
The color scheme is common in Asian dragon tattoos, and the dragon faces upwards, towards heaven, another design aspect that is unique to some eastern cultures.
The red dragon that appears on the flag of Whales is one of the earliest recorded dragon designs in the area, dating back to 829AD. It is believed that the Welsh dragon has earlier roots as the battle standard of King Arthur and other Celtic leaders.This patriotic tattoo is worn by a proud Welshman in honor of his country, Wales.

This is why many oriental dragon tattoos have the dragon placed on the body so that it faces upwards, towards heaven.A Japanese dragon tattoo design with cherry blossoms.
The organic curves of the Chinese dragon’s body compliments the natural curves of the human body, which means that Chinese dragon tattoos make ideal body art design subjects.
Asian dragon tattoos either depict the dragon on its own or with a background of smoke, fire or other elemental designs such as stone or water.This Asian dragon twines its way around a sword while symbols of fluidity and change frolic in the background in the form of flowers and wind. This tattoo is a symbol of strength in the face of change, of not just weathering the storm but fighting through it. These dragons are often depicted in a seated or standing pose in tattoo designs, unlike Oriental dragons that are usually shown to be flying. Tattoos of dragons perched atop a moon or crystal ball are mystical in nature and are symbolic of magic. Although the meaning of Celtic knots is uncertain, it can be used to represent eternity and the circle of life, due to the fact that the design has no beginning and no end.

There are some really cute dragon tattoo designs that depict baby cartoon dragons or fairy-like dragons that are a visual parody of their more serious counterparts.
Although traditional dragon tattoos have a deeper meaning, these modern tattoos are simply decorative and fun art works.A cute cartoon dragon tattoo design. The placement of the tattoo, on the woman’s breast, may seem a bit outlandish to some, but it is part of the body that is hidden when in public, making this a good placement for people who want to keep their tattoos private.
New tattoo equipment and techniques have allowed tattoo artists to create tattoos in a wider range of styles.

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