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No longer are bull tattoos strictly for matadors, in fact the people most commonly drawn to the likeness of a bull are those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus, which is roughly from April 20 to May 20.Whether you wish to represent your zodiac sign with a bull tattoo or perhaps you just have a thing for big four legged beasts, these bull tattoo pictures will get you right on your way to finding a superb bull tattoo idea.
Bull tattoos can have a wide array of different meanings depending on the culture that the tattoo originated from. There is a reason why bullfighting and The Running of the Bulls are some of the most popular events across the world.
In Hinduism, the cows of India are known to symbolize a fruitful earth, while bulls are shown to represent a fertile sky. Bulls are mighty creatures that do not shy away from confrontation when they are challenged. Bull tattoos can be used to represent someone who has a short fuse, or someone who knows that they must defend themselves when danger is present.

Bulls are associated with heaven because in some ancient stories gods were made to look similar to bulls.
The bull was an important piece of many religions because without a bull, you have no cow, and without a cow you have no civilization. This is more than likely because the cow was the lifeblood of many early civilizations, and the cow could not be without the bull. The fact that the bull is such a strong, dominant creature, along with its ties with fertility and life have made it so that bull tattoo design can mean a number of different things. Bull tattoos are most common in countries where bullfighting is practiced or in religions where the bull plays an important part in the sacred stories of the religion.
It some instances, the bull also means hell, partially because the bull features a set of horns that is similar to the horns that the devil is depicted with.

While the two may not seem to be directly connected, the power and strength of the bull helps to solidify the bull as a solid representation of both masculinity and fertility.
The bull is strong and masculine in itself, as it is the male counterpart to the female cow.

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