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One of my more successful posts in this history of this blog was a slightly terrifying look into the ridiculous things people permanently tattoo on their bodies.
Anyway, the guy with the above tattoo had probably consumed a few BEERS of his own when he made the very informed decision to do that. Other than the obvious misspelling, that's some dumb shit to get tattooed in a really dumb way. So really, the only people who will have the pleasure of seeing this tattoo are people she changes in front of, and people she bangs. Holding up up her grey T-shirt, the 27-year-old actress showed off her brand new accessory, which she opted for while in Paris, France, last week.

The Hitchcock actress commissioned French tattoist and graffiti artist Fuzi Uvtpk to create the inking for her after recently attending an exhibition of his work at Le Salon.Scarlett's latest foray into the world of body art adds to her existing collection of etchings, which adorn various parts of her body. It will require a respectable level of artistic ability, so it’s best to hire designers to do the job. This idea is all about letting couples tell the world how much they’re into each other, and February 14 is the best day for them to express those feelings.
Make no mistake about it—getting inked is a very big decision for couples, considering a tattoo is permanent for most people.
And Scarlett Johansson has now added to her selection of inkings with a brand new horseshoe tattoo on her ribcage.

Ahora nos sorprende con interesantes tribales tatuados sobre los hombres y parte del brazo. Some look forward to the day, believing it’s the best time for them to show how crazy they are for the one that’s got their hearts. So in the Day of Hearts, there probably isn’t a bigger way of showing your love than getting matching tattoos.

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