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In case you need something that's as similar to the stock Android gallery app, you should give GalleryKK a try.
F-Stop Media Gallery is another powerful and feature-rich photo and video organizer that lets you manage images in a number of ways. Just tried Intellipic, reminds me the old icecream original image gallery under Archos 70 IT. A good bet would be to integrate quickpic best functions (moments, slideshow, view in map) in lollipop default image gallery.
Conerning this topic I also recommand the "PhotosIndex" Android appwhich enables to associate tags to your photos and to search them easily. PhotosIndex uses the EXIF IPTC standard then no risk to damage your photos, no need of database.

PhotosIndex uses the XPKeywords TAG, created by Microsoft, so if you copy your photos on Windows PC you keep benefit of your associations.
Android users are free to replace the core apps on their phones with alternatives – alternatives that can, in some cases, better suit the user's needs. It has a clean, simplistic interface with the option to have photos sorted by name or date. It automatically groups photos by time and location - swipe a group to the right to turn it into an album, or swipe it to the left to archive the photos in it.
This particular app, however, pulls your photos from everywhere they're stored - Dropbox, Instagram, Picasa and many other services. The image gallery app is among them, and below you'll find some of the best image gallery replacement apps available on the Play store.

With its quick links you can access your favorite photos straight from the navigation drawer. These are apps that go beyond the simple function of displaying the photos you have stored.

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