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Female tattoo artists are becoming more common than ever before, and we've compiled a list of the 5 best female tattoo artists in the U.S. Located in Santa Barbara, California, is another of the five best female tattoo artists, Pat Fish. World-renowned tattoo artist Kate Hellenbrand began tattooing as early as 1972 in California.
Beginning her career in 2000 while still in the airforce, Jen Beirola is an award winning female tattoo artist. A fine arts and anthropology major, Margaret Moose began her tattooing career as an apprentice of Randy Gardner. Each of these female tattoo artists brings their own unique style to the art of tattooing, as well as their individual mind-blowing artwork that can be seen on bodies from around the world.
Kat has her own TV reality show called "LA Ink", and she began tattooing professionally at the tender age of sixteen.

She and her work have been featured in many tattooing magazines, at conventions, documentaries and she's a featured artist with the National Tattoo Association. She's the owner and founder of her current shop, Shanghai Kate's Tattoos in Buffalo, New York, but has also managed and owned a variety of shops in California, Utah, Hawaii and Pennsylvania. Jen currently owns Grinn and Barrett, an Omaha based tattoo shop named "Best Tattoo Studio" of 2009.
Margaret is an amazing female tattoo artist, not only because of her talent in the tattooing world, but for her oil paintings as well. Her first professional tattooing gig was at Sin City Tattoo near her hometown neighborhood of Inland Empire, California. Her work is featured in various magazines like "Tattoo Review", "International Skin Shots", Tattoo Revival", "Savage" and many more national, international and local publications. Pat was initially guided and mentored by Irish tattoo artist, Cliff Raven, and this helped mold her into the woman of ink she is today.

Jen's work is a mix of detailed portrait pieces, vibrant colors, and realistic photo tattoo's in black and white, as well as creative twists on doing cover-up tattoos. Kat's artwork is displayed in her shop at High Voltage in Hollywood, California, and she also showcases many of her best tattoos and drawings on her website. Being one of the best five female tattoo artists in the world, Kate's work has been recognized in major tattoo magazines, several TV and talk shows, and international tattoo conventions.
Both of her daughters, Rebecca and Virginia, have their mom's wonderful tattooing talents and work in the shop with her. Kate is also a writer for "Tattoo Planet", "Skin and Ink" and "International Tattoo Art" magazines.

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