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What we know as “Chinese characters” are a set of logograms used for writing in several cultures: the Chinese, the Japanese, the Korean, formerly in the Vietnamese and in a few other languages also.
Men can get this temporary tattoo as a sign of strong friendship with someone who has been together with them in times of difficulty. The Chinese characters are the oldest known writing system in the world that kept being used until present days.

People choose to get Chinese character tattoos very often, as they are more mysterious than an usual tattoo that everyone can read. If you only use this single character for your temporary tattoo, it will have an ambiguous meaning or maybe just a personal one, the exact characters for “friend” or “friendship” are two. The temporary tattoos don’t last forever on your skin, they will wear off in time or you can remove them whenever you decide to, this is their big advantage.

Tattoo as one of an art form is well known and this art makes other terminology like China Chinese symbol tattoos.

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