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Aztec Tattoos is one of the oldest, primitive designs of tattoos created by the Aztec tribe of the 13th century. Aztec tattoos are popular among the people of Mexico since it is where the Aztec culture was believed to be originated. Aztec tattoos are not just remnants from the past but a continuation of its heritage for the future.
Aztec and Mayan tattoos are great for those of you who would like to show their ultimate tribal side. Because of their stark, immediately recognizable designs, Aztec tattoos have become more common in recent years.
Some of the symbols shown in Aztec tattoos signified rank among tribe members, and others were meant to give thanks to ancestors or to show a spirit of sacrifice. When contemplating Aztec tattoos, it is important to study the history and meaning behind Aztec designs. The Aztec tribes are known for their culture of tattooing that even children at a young age are tattooed to represent their tribe’s beliefs. Quetzalcoatl is the Aztec god of weather creativity and fertility and considered to be one of the most powerful among all of the Aztec gods.

Although these Aztec tattoos may seem simple and basic to look at, it has more complex details that make it more unique and original compared to other types of tattoo designs. Choosing Aztec tattoos should be more personal and special since the Aztec culture has contributed a lot to our culture and history.
The ancient people of the Aztec tribe took great pride in their art, and created elaborate designs to differentiate themselves from rival tribes. They considered the sun to be the sustainer of life, and in some parts of Aztec culture, the sun was even thought to be heaven itself.
These people honored various gods by having tattoos placed on certain parts of their bodies.
Understanding the cultural significance of Aztec tattoos will make the design more meaningful and personally significant for the wearer.
The Aztec calendar is a very pleasant tattoo design and could be really interesting and fun to wear.
Aztec tattoos provide individuality with its bearer and many people are very eager to get one of these intricate designs. The influence it brought to us makes Aztec tattoos more extraordinary and beyond the science of aesthetics.

However, many people are not aware of the rich history that is symbolized by the elements of these tattoos. The tattoos of the Aztecs were also often used as part of religious rituals – many of the shapes and symbols found in these tattoo designs were considered sacred. Most commonly, the tattoos were placed on the stomach, wrist, or chest, although other placements were appropriate for certain rituals and ceremonies.
Tattooing is one way to honor the Aztec gods and differentiate each Aztec tribe from another. The eagle is the source of strength and many people get eagle tattoos to signify their power and dominance.
Aztec tattoos brings out more attitude and significance to the person and reflects his personality and sense of humanity. Another reason why Aztec tattoos are created is to mark a person’s status among his tribesmen and show his warrior rank and accomplishments.

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