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Because of their stark, immediately recognizable designs, Aztec tattoos have become more common in recent years. Some of the symbols shown in Aztec tattoos signified rank among tribe members, and others were meant to give thanks to ancestors or to show a spirit of sacrifice. When contemplating Aztec tattoos, it is important to study the history and meaning behind Aztec designs.
Aztec Tattoos is one of the oldest, primitive designs of tattoos created by the Aztec tribe of the 13th century. Aztec tattoos are popular among the people of Mexico since it is where the Aztec culture was believed to be originated.
The curiosity of men to his past brings about new ways to generate creative and imaginative designs that will symbolize their belief and culture. Aztec tattoos are not just remnants from the past but a continuation of its heritage for the future.
Eagle Aztec Tattoos – Eagle Aztec tattoos could illustrate a person wearing the traditional warrior costume. Skull Aztec Tattoos – Skull Aztec tattoos represent the sixth day, is a deity known as Death and signifies the north.
Serpent Aztec Tattoos – Serpent Aztec Tattoos would represent the serpent or snake god and is the fifth day of the calendar.  These Aztec tattoos would represent the eastern direction.
Moon Aztec Tattoos – Moon Aztec Tattoos are a difficult subject as well and similar to the sun minus the importance of the sun marking the 52 year periods of Worlds. Well all these descriptions can suit tattoo designs based on Aztec symbols and their culture.
The Aztec warrior tattoo: This is another choice that is quite sought after as warriors in the Aztec tribe lived a life of adventure and risks. As a norm many pick Aztec designs for their tattoo due to the symbolism in them, there are some that pick these designs based on the look alone. For people who have Aztec blood or know people having Aztec roots, these tattoos will mean a lot more.
If you are looking to get a tattoo done on your body and wondering what design might reflect an aura of mystery and awe, choose from some of the finest and most popular Aztec tattoos that are presented in this site.
Aztecs were one of the most advanced civilizations of the ancient times, and their glory is preserved in the beautiful tattoo designs presented in this site. The most famous and perhaps the most fascinating facts about the Aztec culture and beliefs of their religious rites, is to sacrifice people.
Interestingly, compared with snake bite was recognized for his God-inspired creativity and wisdom. Some of these prehistoric people and culture, often brutal, that dominated the region until they are destroyed fascinated. The ancient people of the Aztec tribe took great pride in their art, and created elaborate designs to differentiate themselves from rival tribes. They considered the sun to be the sustainer of life, and in some parts of Aztec culture, the sun was even thought to be heaven itself. These people honored various gods by having tattoos placed on certain parts of their bodies.
Understanding the cultural significance of Aztec tattoos will make the design more meaningful and personally significant for the wearer. The Aztec tribes are known for their culture of tattooing that even children at a young age are tattooed to represent their tribe’s beliefs. Quetzalcoatl is the Aztec god of weather creativity and fertility and considered to be one of the most powerful among all of the Aztec gods. Although these Aztec tattoos may seem simple and basic to look at, it has more complex details that make it more unique and original compared to other types of tattoo designs. Choosing Aztec tattoos should be more personal and special since the Aztec culture has contributed a lot to our culture and history.
These are the topics that have been translated for sure; the Aztec numbering system, and the Aztec calendar system.

Beyond this you will need to read on and study additional information about Aztec deities you might want to include in Aztec Tattoos. The headdress is generally described as feathered with the large beak coming over the top of the head with the point of the beak ending in front of the fore head.  The eagle is a high ranking warrior, represents the west and is a God. Aztec tattoos with the skull god included are popular these days for men.  Skulls in general are popular and including your heritage is an additional plus with these Aztec tattoos.
In other words put it where it’s visible.  If you choose Aztec tattoos of the calendar it will require some careful consideration. The fact is that Aztec is an ancient civilization that has many symbol such as their warriors, the sun and their calendar that have found their way into the world of tattoo designs. The eagle tattoo would be given to an Aztec warrior only when they had completed their training and proven their worth in terms of bravery, courage, strength and honor. The Aztec where a tribe that believed in sacrifices of animals and even human prisoners when they were captured in war. The art of the Aztec is unique and can have a great visual impact.  That accounts for the popularity of Aztec designs in tattoos.
It will mean a link between them and this really rich civilization that had so many customs and traditions.   Some may choose to honor this great culture by getting an Aztec based design for their tattoo.
Aztec tattoos, like any other tattoo form with a deep historical and cultural background, are rooted in their religious and mythological beliefs. However, sometimes it refers to a tri-city agreement known as the Aztec empire, the island city and two other cities included.
Some people who survive the Aztec origin and language, writes about his people, with some Spanish, the two conquistadors and priests, who recorded their experiences with the Aztecs and their comments on the culture.
The Aztecs are famous for the production of living sacrifice to their gods, especially the sun god called Huitzilopochtli.
Although not the most powerful god of the Aztec religion was the serpent god of the most revered and worshiped in all aspects of the culture of the Aztecs. However, many people are not aware of the rich history that is symbolized by the elements of these tattoos. The tattoos of the Aztecs were also often used as part of religious rituals – many of the shapes and symbols found in these tattoo designs were considered sacred.
Most commonly, the tattoos were placed on the stomach, wrist, or chest, although other placements were appropriate for certain rituals and ceremonies.
The Aztec calendar is a very pleasant tattoo design and could be really interesting and fun to wear. Aztec tattoos provide individuality with its bearer and many people are very eager to get one of these intricate designs.
The influence it brought to us makes Aztec tattoos more extraordinary and beyond the science of aesthetics. They believed that the sun is the most powerful among all the gods and was the protector of this world and the other world – the heavens. The eagle was considered a very noble being by the Aztecs, maybe due to its ability to fly close to their object of worship – the sun.
The Aztec warrior is fierce and smart and thereby tattoos showing the warrior are really popular. Some may do so because the symbols and art of Aztec culture are full of meanings and traditions. These Mesoamerican people perfected the art of tattoo, and borrowed their symbols from their spiritual customs. The Aztec Empire fell in 1521, when she was captured and tried by the Spanish conquerors to Mexico and Central America hit colonize.
A sacrificial knife was used for the beating heart, this god who the Aztecs believed, looked at them and their lives are offered to remove. Outside the war, religion and human sacrifices, the Aztecs are known for their art and creativity. He is generally depicted as a blue figure with a serious expression and difficult on the face, wearing a feathered headdress and armor.

Whatever the reason, find people of all ethnic groups in the Aztec motif is a theme interesting and meaningful tattoo. Tattooing is one way to honor the Aztec gods and differentiate each Aztec tribe from another. The eagle is the source of strength and many people get eagle tattoos to signify their power and dominance. Aztec tattoos brings out more attitude and significance to the person and reflects his personality and sense of humanity. In addition, the Aztec people had a very complex military system with warrior ranking that is and maybe never will be completely clear to us.  We know that the Jaguar and Eagle were considered high ranking among the warriors.
As like any other tribes the Aztecs would also bestow tattoos on warriors and brave men of the tribe with tattoos to mark special achievements.
For the Aztec the sun symbolizes the heavens or the place that people go to after their life is over. One of the other variations to the Aztec warrior tattoo is that of showing a skull instead of the head. The other god who is often featured in tattoos is Quetzalcotl who is a serpent god associated with creativity, fertility and weather. There will be some that will pick on these designs merely for the art and aesthetic appeal. Some of the most well-known Aztec tattoo designs include the Aztec star glyph, the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl, the Earth monster Cipactli, the Aztec light glyph, and Tlaltecuhtli or Tonatiuh, the Aztec sun gods.
After the natives had disappeared, built by Spanish colonists in Mexico City on the ruins of the Aztec island. Two other gods, the god Tezcatlipoca of the war and the serpent god Quetzalcoatl, both very important to their culture and lifestyles. Interestingly, the only work for a good and honorable warrior in peacetime, in the absence of the fight he needed was the creation of poetry and participate in other art forms such as theater and spectacle. It covers two aspects of the tribal tattoo trend, and specific design elements that are intimate and personal meaning. Another reason why Aztec tattoos are created is to mark a person’s status among his tribesmen and show his warrior rank and accomplishments. No matter what your motivations are, our advice to you would be do some research and then only finalize a design.
For obvious reasons, the war god worshiped by the warriors and the people, because he was protecting hunting and helped them to victory over their enemies.
The representation of god warrior tattoos and the serpent god, who is also suspended as usual. Aztec tattoos also connect to a lost way of life, one that is mysterious and intriguing, but not too dark. Other reasons Aztec tattoos usually inspired by the remains and artifacts of ancient civilization left behind. The Aztecs were incredibly powerful and spent their time conquering and dominating local tribes and villages.
The survival of arts and crafts are usually grown as an Aztec tattoo designs, even without knowing the importance of the artwork with the culture.
War and fighting was a way of life, and many people find this seemingly simple and primitive existence to be appealing. However, the Aztecs value wisdom, art and culture, which seems to conflict with their physical and violent.

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