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If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Girls With Tattoos, Prison Tattoos, Harry Potter Tattoos and Angelina Jolie Tattoos. Aztec culture with its calendar and temple architecture has been designed intricately in this beautiful tattoo. The Polynesian mask motif has been designed beautifully using the traditional Aztec art forms.
This is a great Aztec tattoo designed in bold tribal style showing the traditional eagle and his wing span.
The artist of this Aztec tattoo has made great use of different shades to create the eye of the Sun God. This Aztec tribal tattoo gives the face prominence with its bold lines is pitch black color.

Elements of nature have been designed in superb geometrical shapes in this Aztec tribal tattoo. This is a very psychedelic representation of the Aztec tribal tattoo that draws attention like a magnet. When you imagine great tattoo art form, you are thinking of this classic Aztec shoulder-and-arm tattoo. This Aztec eagle has been designed in a very modern and attractive style despite its ancient theme. Skulls of humans who have been sacrificed to the Aztec Sun God are designed artistically around the arm. This is a very stylish and modern tattoo of the Aztec calendar that shows the Sun in the center.

No tattoo could be as intricate as this beautiful representation of the Aztecan annual calendar. The relentless retribution by the Aztecan Sun God is very clear in this slightly cruel looking tattoo. The Coat of Arms of today’s Mexico has remained true to its ancient culture by depicting the eagle motif.

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