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Aztec tattoos are very old and ancient art forms that have been an important part of the Mexican history. Those who are of Mexican descent look forward to having such tattoos on their bodies as it is a cool and stylish way to pay tribute to their roots. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Soulja Boy Tattoos, Adam Levine Tattoos, Tattoos With Meaning and Sexy Tattoos. The two popular Aztec cultural symbols have been entwined in this tattoo that sits on the muscular arm of the man.
Symbol of pride; the Aztec shield tattoo, done on the arm, looks very glorious and artistic.
Colorful and captivating; this Aztec tattoo, done on the forearm of the man, catches attention in seconds. The Pyramids are an important part of the Mexican culture and history and this arm tattoo is representative of that same rich heritage.
Etched with black ink, the tattoo showing various faces and skulls along with an artful pattern has got deep traditional touch. Intimidating and full of bravery; this skull tattoo makes a badass style statement, sitting on the shoulder of the wearer. Watch out the refined details and artistry that grace the Aztec tattoo done on the side of the chest. Another very popular symbol of Aztec culture finds a place on the arm of the wearer as a tattoo that also includes the cool skull. Nice collage of various symbols from the Aztec culture fill up the tattoo, done on the sleeve of the wearer. The god of weather, fertility and creativity also known as Quetzalcoatl has been given shape as tattoo on the chest and shoulder of the wearer. Awesome tattoo piece done with commendable artistry sits on the arm of the guy and makes a fabulous impression on the onlookers.

This tattoo shows half face of an Aztec tribal man and the wearer got it as a mark of tribute to his native culture.
This tattoo represents the birthday of the wearer as per the Aztec calendar and the skulls symbolize the mortal nature of one’s life. Skulls and other conventional Aztec symbols grace the sleeve of this guy that looks very eye-catchy in its artistic avatar. Symbol of power, strength and courage; the eagle tattoo, etched on the back of the wearer, has got very nice details. Another guy with the princess and tiger tattoo that is a fine representation of the royal Aztec warrior tradition. Symbolizing wisdom and profound knowledge; the tattoo looks very intriguing in its sober, black and white form.
The eagle is very popular as Aztec tattoo and it also denotes that the wearer values power, bravery and intelligence. The back of the guy displays the feathered snake that is considered to be powerful and charismatic in the Aztec culture.
Here is another beautiful Aztec tattoo that depicts the image of a god and is also an indicator that the wearer is a religious minded person.
Simple and neat; this Aztec tattoo showing a warrior god and the eagle symbolizes the regard of the wearer for his culture. The multiple faces in this tattoo are symbolic of the various shades of the personality of the wearer. Angel tattoo with Roman numerals of the Bible verse Joshua 1:9 looks very spiritual and also inspires the wearer. Ornamental and graceful, the bracelet form of the Aztec tattoo looks very exquisite and also acts as a cool accessory. This large back tattoo has got different images taken from the Aztec culture and looks very unique.

Awesome image inspired from the Aztec calendar finds a place on the shoulder of the wearer and looks quite magnetic. Bald guy with tattoos on his hand and back and a funky hairstyle looks very stylish and the proverbial cool dude. The man pays homage to his Aztec culture through this tattoo that displays the image of a tribal man.
This back tattoo has got an abstract design that is a mixture of the images of the mask, snake and other symbols. Inspired from the drawings done on the temples in the Aztec culture, the tattoo holds spiritual and religious value for the wearer. Covering the whole of the back, this Aztec tattoo is inspired from the traditional calendar and wields a dramatic effect. The snake represents the most powerful god in the Aztec culture who is associated with weather, fertility and creativity.
The tattoo artist must be commended for carving out such fine shading in the art form that looks pretty exclusive. The Aztec calendar is a popular tattoo choice among the people of the Mexican descent as it looks very artistic. The people in the olden times got their body parts carved with various images and these tattoos held religious meaning for them. Since, the modern times are witnessing a revival in the old art and tradition; the tattoos have also found renewed interest from the people at large.

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