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David Beckham has lots of tattoos covering his body, most of which are inked on his left and right arms.
In 2000, David Beckham decided to make a public declaration of his love for his wife, Victoria Beckham, by getting her name inked on the inside of his left arm.
Another one of David Beckhams tattoos on his forearm features a large Roman numeral seven, which is inked on the inside of his right arm. The same year that Beckham’s arm tattoo featuring the Roman numeral seven showed up in pictures, David Beckham was also seen sporting a new forearm tattoo inked on the inside of both his right and left arms.
On David and Victoria Beckham’s 6th wedding anniversary, the couple got matching Hebrew tattoos. Another part of David Beckhams sleeve tattoo on his right arm features a large guardian angel holding a flame in her hand and spreading her wings out to merge with Beckham’s other arm tattoos. In another tribute to his loving wife, David Beckham got a ring of roses inked around his left arm, near his elbow. After the completion of a match in Rome, Italy in March 2010, a new David Beckham tattoo was spotted on the soccer star’s left arm, near his shoulder. On September 16, 2013, David Beckham revealed another hand tattoo while attending the Global Fund and British Fashion Council Party as part of London Fashion Week. 32 Bold Arm Tattoos For Men For 2013 –¬†Tattoos are a well-liked style of body art that are in apply for several years. The that means and significance of a tattoo extremely depends on the location of it on the body.

Rumor has it that almost all of David Beckham’s tattoos have been inked by longtime tattoo artist Louis Malloy, who has been inking tats on people for more than 24 years. Obviously, the couple has gotten through that difficult time, illustrated by the tattoo David Beckham got on his wrist in 2006. Located directly above his sexy Victoria tat, David Beckhams arm tattoo includes ten roses to mark the couple’s tenth wedding anniversary. David Beckham’s sleeve tattoo features a Renaissance image of Cupid carrying his wife, Psyche, up to heaven. This tat was inked in 2011, and David Beckham’s tattoo meaning represents a symbol of family love and loyalty.
Arms, shoulders, feet, wrist and back are a number of the common body areas wherever tattoos are done. The only alteration in David Beckham’s tattoo made over the original image was a scarf draped over Psyche, covering her otherwise-bare body. David Beckham’s tattoo was inked less than two weeks after the British model and soccer star debuted a large new tattoo on his chest, which he presumably got inked with the tattoo voucher Victoria gave him for his 38th birthday. Tattoos area unit used throughout the planet however their importance and significance vary with culture, faith and placement.
Men like giant tattoos which will create them look masculine whereas girls love delicate and feminine designs. It seems like the soccer star has reserved his left arm for his wife, as most of David Beckhams tattoos on his left arm are tributes to Victoria.

The Templar Knights are recognizable by their white mantle with distinct red cross, and David Beckham’s tattoo meaning is believed to represent he and his England team.
Cupid is the god of love, and David Beckhams tattoo is based on a painting done by 15th century artist Francesco Francia. Shortly before revealing the hand tattoo, David hinted that he was planning on getting a romantic anniversary tat to celebrate the couple’s 14 years of marriage.
Besides that very public slip-up though, David Beckhams tattoos have been admired for their design and meaning by fans of the soccer star, his sleeve tattoos in particular.
It’s a good thing he saved that space for her already, because he’s sure to run out of tattoo room on his body before too long! David Beckham is clearly very devoted to his wife and has consistently portrayed his love for Victoria through his many pieces of body art. David Beckham’s arm tattoo came after the happy couple celebrated their 10-year anniversary on July 4, with a luxurious trip to a private island in the Seychelles.
In Beckham’s case, the swallow tattoo represents the love and devotion he has towards his family. Beckham plans to add several more tats to his right and left arms in order to complete a pair of tattoo sleeves.

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