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Old English style has letters that are boxy and is always written in black ink which gives it a Gothic effect.
Many people prefer to get a tattoo done in a foreign language, as it has a special meaning behind it.
Other options for increasing the style quotient of your tattoo are tribal and the Arabian writing styles.
The font in which a tattoo is inked plays a crucial role in making the tattoo look visually pleasing (and legible!) While considering the font, pay special attention to the text that is to be written, the number of words, and the body part where it is to be etched. Even though it is important to ponder over the available lettering styles and fonts, what is more important is to consider the text to be written.
Would you like to create a tattoo like this then please feel free to use our cool tattoo designer tool and please share your end product with your friends. If you are one of those girls whose life is no different from that of a princess, or possibly you simply rule your world, a princess crown tattoo could make for a good design choice. A princess crown tattoo is basically a design with a metal headgear embellished with precious gemstones. The crown is a symbol which when combined with other tattoo symbols, elevates the meaning of those above the usual, linking them with higher spheres of power and royalty.
There are more than a zillion different ways in which you can style your crown tattoo by using different shapes, sizes, adding hearts, or a star. These tattoos are large in size and are usually meant only for your lower back because of the space they require.
A lovely idea on princess tattoo designs could be a crowned heart pierced with the cupid's arrow, indicating that a cupid's arrow has struck a princess' heart! There are scores of different writing styles and designs that can be used to make a tattoo look different and original. Font tattoos are gaining popularity as they allow people to express their thoughts, attitude towards life, or something that is important to them. For example, memorial tattoos that are often inked in remembrance of a loved one or as a tribute to someone who died in a war. Or if your tattoo is a dedication to someone important to you, like your mom, spouse or child, a font tattoo is the perfect choice. There is a wide variety of tattoo script styles to choose from, like Celtic, Japanese, Old English, Tribal, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, etc.

The inspiration behind this style is the old practice of copying important texts by hand in calligraphy. The Chinese script is also very popular because of the variation in the fonts and sizes of the letters and the meaning behind the words. The tribal tattoo writing generally comprises alphabets of different tribal groups from around the world. You should take into consideration the advice of the tattoo artist while choosing the font. But ultimately, the tattoo you choose should reflect your personality to make it as unique and special as you. These tattoos are incredibly versatile when it comes to designing them with different colors and patterns. In fact, in some countries, where monarchy still prevails, you may find people with crown tattoos combined with a patriotic symbol. Princess crown tattoos symbolize a girl's sovereignty over her own life, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and actions.
Nothing looks as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as a regal Arabic princess crown tattoo combined with a message in Arabic font below it.
Get it done from a certified tattoo artist, and most importantly you don't need to be from a royal bloodline to get a princess tattoo! If you do not wish to go the conventional way by opting for black ink, you can choose white ink for your tattoo. Usually, tattoos lettering does not look good in a small font, because with age, the tattoo's legibility goes down. The styles which are mentioned above are highly sought after because they are the ultimate forms of self-expression and individuality.
The delicacy and the femininity it symbolizes is so beautiful, that it is better to keep it untouched by any tattoo wording, letters, or messages.
A large princess crown tattoo design, studded with numerous diamonds, adorned with intricate and exquisite tattoo work in colors like black and silver is the right recipe for a glamorous looking tattoo on your lower back.
Another tattoo design to consider would be a chain with a princess crown (crown being chained as a majestic pendant!). After deciding what you want your tattoo to say, the most important decision to make is to choose the tattoo lettering style perhaps.

These scripts have characters which are very intricate, and tattoos that sport them are a great way of giving the person a mysterious look.
If you feel like a princess inside and have a passion for tattoos, you should consider getting this tattoo inked. Crown tattoos are often combined with girly images, hearts, and luck symbols like a horse shoe or a lucky star. These tattoos connote a royal heritage descent and a feeling of pride and love for yourself. If you do not wish to get inked in Arabic, you can even use English alphabets and give it an Arabic effect. These tattoos will shimmer on your beautiful skin, as they linger over the luck symbols and will set a seal of royalty, diva-ness, and will leave you with a feeling of being the most lovable and beautiful princess, just by their mere presence. So, you may add symbols, letters, names, or messages below a tiara tattoo to make it one of those more meaningful tattoos. But, do not mix too many colors in a large tattoo design, as it will just spoil the entire delicacy of the tattoo.
Words like 'Heaven's Own' or 'Princess Fiona' (your name) would look really appealing on tiara tattoos. If you are considering this tattoo design, make sure you place it strategically on your lower back only, as this tattoo is too large to fit on any other body part. The location of a tiara tattoo could be on the back of your neck, on your arm, or on the ankle. Ask your tattoo artist to color the major area of the crown with golden-yellow color, and give it a glossy touch for the ornamental look. You may also consider wordings like 'Angel's Princess' or 'Fairy Princess' for a cute and girly look. You do not need to know the know-how of shading, since it is solely the tattoo artist's job.

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